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Z Wedding – Singapore’s Favourite Wedding Boutique

Z Wedding is an established bridal shop with over 10 years of experience in helping couples on their journey to marital bliss. As a business with professional insight into the wedding industry, we are an outstanding choice for those looking for a bridal gown boutique in Singapore.

Z Wedding offers a range of services dedicated to helping you and your partner have the wedding of your dreams. Packages bundle deals include rental of our gorgeous wedding dresses that come in various styles, to wedding photography and a photo album of unparalleled quality. As we believe in providing excellent customer service, our bridal packages bundle deals can be customised to offer you the services that you wish to have. Our primary services include bridal gown(s) selection and a pre-wedding shoot in a location of your choice with additional services like makeup and hairstyling available.

Rental of beautiful wedding gowns in Singapore

Our stunning bridal gowns are carefully designed and handpicked by our talented and esteemed team. Previous clients can ascertain our rank over other bridal shops in Singapore, as we frequently receive praises for our services. With a variety of designs available, you can find your ideal wedding dress no matter the occasion and style you wish to have.

From bridal gowns suitable for a photo shoot to an eye-catching evening gown, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our impressive selection. The designs of our wedding dresses are always new, with beautiful collections being launched every season. The vast range of designs includes elegant and classic designs to elaborate bridal gowns with intricate details, ensuring that you will find a design that you love. As a bridal shop focused on providing exceptional service, you can rest assured that our team of dedicated consultants will advise and assist you in the process.

Rental of your desired wedding dress is easy, with our in-house team of seamstress available to ensure that your gown will be tailored to fit your body figure and silhouette.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

After selecting your gowns, having a pre-wedding photo shoot will help to immortalise beautiful moments between you and your partner. Wedding photography can be done in our specially designed studio, or at an outdoor location of your choice. Unlike other bridal boutiques in Singapore, our partnership with the veterans of wedding photography, Chris Ling International Photographers, means that every blissful moment before the camera will be turned into treasured pictures of unmatched quality. With us, having your wedding photography done overseas is certainly not a faraway dream, but just a possibility waiting to happen.

Your wedding album will be filled with magnificent pictures of you and your partner sharing lovely moments together. As a committed bridal shop in Singapore, Z Wedding treasures every opportunity we have to help couples create beautiful and lasting memories.

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