To Know How to go about preparing for your wedding…


Preparing for your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be a swiftly, pleasant and enjoyable experience.

With this highly acclaimed wedding workshop, you will soon realize it can be such a bliss.

Here’s what will be covered:

When finding a gown:

1) How do you know which gown would look good on you?
2) How to know which neckline complements you?
3) What wedding gown silhouette would suit your body type?
4) Which evening gown colour suits your skin tone and wedding theme?

Now that you have found the gown:

1) How are you going to wear the gown with confidence?
2) How to emanate your confidence as a couple when you walk down the aisle with poise and elegance?

When choosing the right bridal house:

1) What do you need to look out for?
2) Do you know what it takes to make a wedding album filled with love and chememotions?
3) What are the questions you need to ask when choosing a photographer?

All these and more will be answered by our esteemed Creative Director Joey Ling, Gown Designers and International Photographer Chris Ling.

  • Admission is Free
  • Date: 18th February 2017.⠀
  • Boutique would still be open from 1pm to 9pm for personal consultation.
  • The workshop will begin on time at 3pm to answer all couple’s questions pertaining to your wedding. (limited to 20 couples a day only. so please RSVP to avoid disappointment at⠀