Event Details:
Date: 9 January 2020
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: 33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973
Fees: Free of charge.


This class is free for wedding couples.
As a wedding couple, how do you choose your pre-wedding photographer amongst the sea of offerings? Master photographer Chris Ling has the knowledge to share and tricks to reveal.

– Usually priced at $1500 to photographers for their commercial purposes, this class will be available to wedding couples for their personal information at no cost and no obligations.

In the market now, there is a lot of noise with many self-taught wedding photographers flooding social media. To push their selling points, they will understandably showcase different focal points which result in more ‘likes’ but less meaning.
For couples who are not artistically trained, it is a challenge to choose between so many styles. Photography is subjective and these photos for you, the wedding couple, would lose its purpose and value over time.
To address these concerns, Chris Ling has decided to share his professional knowledge so that you are aware of the offerings in the market. He decided to dedicate his time because he constantly gets flooded with the same questions. So why not answer it efficiently to a class of couples?

About the Class

Level 1 – Want
How much do you really want to take your wedding photos? If it is categorised as not crucial, any photographers in the market can do the job.

Level 2 – Know
Chris has leveled it down to 9 styles in the current market. You’ll need to know what they are.

Level 3 – Understand
Go deeper and really find out why you would like to have your photos taken. This will help you in making the right choice.

Level 4 – Realise
Once you get to know yourself and your preferences, you will find that your photos will mean more then just pre-wedding photos. They will come with a value that carries your story down to future generations.
This professional sharing session for couples is only available at Chris Ling. He developed photography knowledge and skills which he terms as the ‘Chris Ling DNA’, a secret he shares only with his team of photographers.
It will now will be available to strictly wedding couples during this weekday class.

About Chris Ling

“I believe in learning before committing. My wish now is that I can share and pass down my years of professional knowledge to the next generation. I hope they can have valuable photos to keep, a story to tell, and more moments to share with their own younger generation.”
With 26 years in his pocket and still going strong, Chris is one of the two pioneers who started the outdoor pre-wedding photography movement in Singapore. He was also the one who introduced the concept of overseas pre-wedding photography back then. Now he has moved on to another vision and successfully trained his team of photography maestros on the art of story-telling with pre-wedding.
After two decades of personally photographing his couples as Chris Ling, he took a back seat and decided to drive the business of Chris Ling International Photographers. He derived his wedding photography techniques after he finished his commercial photography training and is now teaching his successors through a curriculum based on his Chris Ling photography ‘DNA’.