Chris Ling’s Pre-Wedding Photography Masterclass

Event Details:

A pre-wedding photographer’s job is extremely challenging. While many budding artists achieve their moderate success through trial and error, they also learnt the hard way how rigorous the pre-wedding industry can be. After all, we are dealing with real people of varied personalities who have zero experience in front of cameras.

This would be where Master Photographer Chris Ling comes in. Flourishing in the business since 1993, he will give you the push you need to break your limitations with:

Hard Skills / Soft Skills Combination

The hard skills are the technical know how when it comes to choosing, using, and knowing the equipment. From lighting, exposure, or lenses etc., down to composing and digital editing, these skills can be quickly grasped with training and practice.

The bigger weightage that will tilt the scales toward success are the soft skills. This is essentially how we can build rapport and successfully communicate with camera shy couples that we only knew five minutes ago. Put them at ease, make them laugh, verbalise how you would like them to move, communicate directions efficiently and effectively, these are just some of the soft skills required and they will take up a huge mental load. Furthermore, the practice required isn’t simply on test objects or theory, it will have to be done with actual couples. Being a long term and successful pre-wedding photographer depends heavily on how adept you are with the soft skills.

Join us for Chris Ling’s Masterclass. Arm yourself with legitimate skills. Be successful.