Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Photography & Videography Price in Singapore

For your pre wedding shoot, Chris Ling International Photographers will capture amazing pictures of lovely moments between you and your partner. The excellent photography and videography team will work together with the styling team from Z Wedding to ensure that you look your most beautiful. With a reputation that is known throughout Singapore, your pre wedding shoot will be in capable hands.

Both local shoots in Singapore and overseas shoots will be given our utmost effort. Our exclusive collaboration means that your final look will suit your chosen theme, as we will communicate throughout the process. Due to our long partnership with the photographers and videographers from Chris Ling International Photographers, the entire process has become systemized, leaving little room for errors.

The photographers from Chris Ling International Photographers are known for their professionalism and commitment to helping you create a lasting memory. Even before the actual photoshoot, your photographer will discuss with you and your partner to get a better idea of the theme you wish to have. That way, the photoshoot can be a smooth process, as the major details would have been ironed out during the discussion.

The pre wedding shoot will never be a stressful process for you, as your photographer will guide you with your poses. From the placement of your hands to the direction you should look, your photographer will take charge of every pose, capturing your most flattering angles. The friendly team is also known for their dedication to ensuring that you look uncontrived in the pictures captured, and will try their best to lighten up the mood during the photoshoot. You and your partner can then relax and enjoy the process without feeling uncomfortable.

With natural and stunning pictures, you can have an outstanding wedding album filled with pictures that you love. The graphic design team will edit the selected pictures, taking care to ensure that the final product will still look natural. The team will learn the story behind you and your partner’s journey, and create a story that will breathe life into an otherwise dull album. Instead of random pictures filling up the album, you will have pictures that were carefully chosen to tell the story you wish to remember.

While the price of the pre wedding photoshoot may be higher than average, the quality of service and the product will be well worth the money spent. For couples that wish to have videos taken, there are videography available that will capture the behind the scenes of your wedding. Your videographer will be on hand to capture all the touching and memorable moments during your wedding.

Choose Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photography to have an extraordinary experience. Contact us to learn more information, including the price and not forgeting we are able to customize to your needs as well.

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