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Best Actual Day Wedding Photography & Videography Singapore

With Z Wedding’s actual day wedding photography and videography services, the important moments on your big day will be captured and immortalised in each beautiful photograph. From the wedding gatecrash to the solemnisation ceremony to the banquet, the best wedding photographers and videographers in Singapore will be there to ensure that the day will be remembered as one of the most romantic between the bride and groom.

Actual Day Wedding Videography

Our wedding videography services too boast an incredible top-notch portfolio. With crisp, crystal-clear sound, HD footage and immersive storytelling skills of our videographers, your actual wedding day will be retold in a mesmerising and professional video, complete with great music to complement the mood. Your video will surely highlight the best moments on your big day. A video highlighting the pre-wedding preparations can be put together for your guests on the actual wedding day as well, giving them a peek into the fun celebrations that came before the banquet.

Other than the actual day videos, our professional wedding videographers can also put together a pre-wedding video, tailored to match the unique style of each couple.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Z Wedding’s extensive portfolio of actual day wedding photography in Singapore is a true testament to the quality of our photos. Each image is characterised by a unique style that stems from our photo editing expertise. Our ability to bring out the flair of the happy couple in each unique moment is unparalleled. Some of our best photos capture vibrant smiles and highlight them with glorious colours; some offer a vintage overview of the wedding with a black-and-white overlay, bringing out the striking moments. You have our guarantee that you will look back on these fond memories years later, and remember the sheer joy you once experienced as a newlywed.

Our highly experienced professional wedding photographers are skilled in their craft, causing extremely minimal disruption to your happy day, they would capture the best moments.

Our wedding photography and videography services will surely turn your wedding memories into cherished keepsakes, reminders of the promise of ever-lasting love.

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