Gown Consultation

Gown Consultation

The Foundation

The gown selection process ideally starts nine months before your actual wedding day. Depending on the package you have selected, your gown consultant will guide you through the process and help you accordingly. Our team of gown consultants is well-equipped with professional knowledge on the right gown fit for different body figures and silhouettes. They will be able to provide you with their advice and suggestions during your gown selection process and to help you find the most suitable gown(s).

The Process

Moving on to the selection and fitting process – after you have fixed your appointment, here is a recommended check list of things you are encouraged to bring along with you for your session. For ladies, a pair of high heels (height equivalent to your actual bridal heels), and a pair of stick-on silicon bra. Putting on light makeup is also recommended for better visualisation with the gown. For men, a pair of white cuffed shirt and fitting shoes. During the session, you will be able to make your selection from our range of gowns as well as to fit and get a preview of how you look in it. *Important note: As we usually work on a loan basis, reservation of gowns for further consideration is not allowed, so as not to hinder the choices for other clients. You are strongly encouraged to provide your choice of gown(s) at the end of the session.

The Finale

After you have decided on the choice of your gown and suit, our gown consultant will help you with the measurements to ensure the right fit for you. Our team of in-house seamstresses will then work on the alteration for your gown. You will be required to come back for a final fitting session, where you will try on your gown which has been altered to fit you. This session will usually take place one week before your actual wedding day, to ensure the most accurate measurement/fit.