Founder Profile

Founder Profile

Founded in Singapore, Joey Ling launched her homophone bridal boutique after years of experience as a bridal designer and merchandiser.

Joey grown up in a small family and she is the apple of her mother’s eye. In her early life, Joey spent most of her weekends with her mother making dresses and gowns for the collective barbie dolls. Her mother is a good story teller and she has a young and beautiful heart. Joey’s mother has influenced and inspired her in becoming a bridal designer.

On her birthday of 20, she decided to leave her comfort zone to pursue her dream as a bridal designer although she is not technical trained. Joey started her bridal career in a small bridal house as an assistant designer for 5 years. She was bullied and life was miserable. Joey’s bravest and best lessons are not learnt through success, but through misadventure.

Life wasn’t smooth for me when I first started but I have to proof myself this will be a momentous, hard-won achievement. I am blessed to have my mother as my back bones to enlighten me” – Joey.

At Z Wedding, our speciality goes beyond in just providing you with your dream gown. We give you the complete bridal experience with expert knowledge, as you watch the details of your ideal nuptial bliss come to life. Our professional services are catered to enhance your overall wedding look and image, so when you put on a dress, you will know how to present yourself, exude your inner confidence and be well-prepared in your life’s journey. Z Wedding’s Grand March In workshop, the only of its kind in Singapore, is a testament to how couples can learn more intimately from the professionals with their expertise and knowledge. The march-in will be a walk to remember as one of the most significant moments of the ceremony. Thus, when you present a favourable image to others, your display of confidence will not only benefit you during your wedding day, it can also become a valuable asset in your career path and other areas in your life.

Through our specialised services and expertise, Z Wedding has worked with local celebrities as well as bloggers and grown over the years, establishing itself to be one of the leading bridal studios in Singapore. Z Wedding also collaborates with Chris Ling International Photographers to offer a one-stop solution for all bridal couples’ needs, with a complete package of gowns, photography and videography. This close partnership enables couples to have some of the most experienced and professional hands in the business to capture their moments, making them look and feel good on their pre-wedding shoot and actual wedding day.

We are humbled to be there in every step of your matrimonial journey. Give your best and provide the best, because you love her.