Evening Collection

Evening Collection

Designer Dinner Dress Singapore | Luxury Evening Gown Rental

A lady should always look and feel her best. Whether it be a corporate dinner-and-dance, an extravagant date, or a wedding, her beautiful figure is best shown when wrapped in a stunning, elegant evening dress made from the finest fabrics. She should look breathtaking.

Z Wedding’s exquisite, bespoke gowns are perfect for taking your beauty to new heights. Within our wide collection of gorgeous evening gowns at the largest wedding boutique in Singapore, you can surely find an evening dress that brings out your best and puts it firmly in the spotlight. Our evening collections include various styles of evening dresses and gowns from the vibrant, eye-catching satin exuberance of the Stones & Willows collection, to the understated elegance of the Autunm River collection. Our gowns, designed by our top team of in-house designers, brings the best in luxury and aesthetics.

All our evening gowns are also great as dinner dresses. These dinner dresses will ensure you look magnificent at a gala, ball or any formal dinner. Z Wedding’s dress rental service in Singapore offers one of the largest range of dinner dresses. Dresses from high-end, globally-recognised fashion designers to locally designed masterpieces are available to ensure you look your absolute best on your special night. Enjoy looking gorgeous in every photo taken and showing off your best image to everyone and anyone.

If you would like to find the perfect dress, head down to our studio, the largest of any luxury bridal shop in Singapore, where you will can find the best evening gown for you. Our dedicated and experienced consultants will give you their undivided attention from the moment you enter and help you find the perfect gown, be it a daring short dress or an elegant satin gown. When donning your dress, do consider whether it fits your style, image and look. Also, be aware of how it fits you – which areas feel too tight or loose. You must be able to move freely, especially for special occasions such as a corporate celebration or a wedding. Our gown and image consultants, with countless years of experience picking the right dress for each different customer, will be able to guide you smoothly through the selection and rental process, to help you bring out your best.

View our extensive gallery of evening gowns to find the style that you love. All our dresses are designed and tailored by leaders of the fashion industry or by our esteemed team of in-house designers, so you can be assured that you are only wearing the best of the best.