“When you are at Z Wedding, you will know why you choose Z Wedding”

“When you are at Z Wedding, you will know why you choose Z Wedding”

When Anthony and Jamie started their journey to look for a bridal boutique, Z Wedding was not the first option they had considered. Prior to their engagement with us, they had approached other boutiques but was quickly turned off by the pushiness of their sales. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Anthony’s sister later recommended the couple to Z Wedding, assuring them that “When you are at Z Wedding, you will know why you choose Z Wedding”. We are glad to have left such confidence on Anthony’s sister about us.

At Z Wedding, we are great at what we do. Jamie’s experience with her gown selection was an excellent one. Clueless about how to get started on the selection, Jamie received patience and help from our gown consultant who gave the bride-to-be her utmost attention in choosing the perfect gown for her.

“Whatever gowns that I choose, she will always remember which gowns I like and which gowns I don’t like, what kind of style do I go for. And she will start recommending me the same type of style but different design.” Do not be afraid to be picky with your gown selection here at Z Wedding, because we are here to offer you our experience and expertise in putting on the most flattering gowns for you and your wedding. We will not stop till we find the perfect one for you!

The trait of Z Wedding that caught the interest of our groom here was not the gown selection, but the skills in the photography that he observed from start to finish. As a photographer himself, Anthony was impressed by the photo concepts and flow of feelings and events he observed from the sample photo album first shown to him. His positive impression was reinforced when their own wedding album was produced beyond their expectations.

“Go for Chris Ling!” His experience with us has made him an advocate for our esteemed Chris Ling Intl’ Photographers, who are behind all the high-quality pre-wedding shoots of Z Wedding couples. Throughout the process, the couple was pleased with the honesty they received about the shots taken and felt the sincerity behind their photographers who only had an aim in mind, and that is to help their photo album look good.

Anthony and Jamie believes that they would not be able to get this kind of experience at other bridal studios. At Z Wedding, our team aims to help every couple bring home a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience like Anthony and Jamie has. We take it upon us to do our best for you.