“You’ll Be Happy to Show Your Friends and Family”

“You’ll Be Happy to Show Your Friends and Family”

Before Mike and Annabel had made the decision to choose Z Wedding, they had used a year and a half to start their wedding planning, doing their research based on magazines and following a couple of bridal boutiques. When the two of them went to the outdoor wedding show and saw Z Wedding’s booth, the couple went to sign up on the spot. Saying that they had admired Z Wedding’s design all along, Annabel described the bridal studio’s style as “sleek”, “simple”, “elegant” and “not over the top”. Z Wedding’s design really fit the timeless classic style the couple was looking for. At their booth, the couple felt that the service was straightforward from the get-go, and the staff did not use any hard-selling tactics to push their designs. As a result, the decision making for Annabel and Mike was made a lot easier.

Recollecting their overall experience with Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers as a “real breeze”, Mike and Annabel felt like they were placed in really good hands, with the support of a helpful team. “We told them what we envision(ed), what we had in mind, and they were very willing to help us achieve (that) at the end of the day.” As Mike and Annabel did not have any experience, they depended a lot on their gown consultant, gown designer, makeup artist and photographer to give them advice on what to do and what not to do. Although their team was straightforward and direct, the couple did not feel like their suggestions were pushy (which was something Annabel enjoyed). Before both of them had seen the finalised product (such as the photos and the nuptial booklet), Mike and Annabel were already feeling confident and trusted their team’s decisions. “(We could) sense that they were sincere and ensure(d) that you’ll have a product that you’ll be happy to show to your friends and family on the day itself.” The couple felt that both teams from Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers worked very really together to ultimately deliver what the couple wanted in their vision.

With regards to the prices, Annabel felt that while Z Wedding was “not the cheapest”, it was also “not the most unaffordable”. Mike wishes for other couples to bear in mind that “getting married is a once in a lifetime occasion”, and therefore, it is important for couples “to create important memories and make every penny worth it”. Mike and Annabel also advise other couples who are looking for bridal studios in Singapore, to do their own research and have their own ideas. Additionally, they should be open to recommendations and they should trust the point of view of a professional who has been in the industry. As Annabel simply puts it, “they are in this profession for a reason”.

At Z Wedding, we are very thankful for Mike and Annabel’s wonderful sharing. At Z Wedding, we are dedicated to creating the best wedding experience for couples, to the extent that we collaborate with Chris Ling International Photographers, one of Singapore’s best wedding photography studio.

Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.