Bryan and Eunice were first introduced to the bridal boutique of Z Wedding after listening to “Ten Reasons Why To Choose Chris Ling”. Now that they have gone through the experience of signing up with Z Wedding, the couple can now safely assure that the reasons mentioned have been true.

When asked to describe their time and journey with Z Wedding, the couple began throwing out words such as “fantastic” and “awesome”. Bryan and Eunice recounted on how their experience working with the various staff members of the renowned bridal boutique was extremely smooth and professional, from the beginning to the end. Their assigned coordinator was meticulous in detailing everything, from planning their shoots so that everything that eventually led up to the actual day of the couple’s wedding event was smooth and well-planned. In addition, Eunice found that her gown consultant was very patient in providing key advice and services of selecting the wedding gowns that she thought would suit her. The gown consultant’s honesty was something Eunice particularly liked.

According to Eunice, the moment that left the greatest impression on her memory was something that happened during the couple’s outdoor photoshoot. They had helium balloons that had contained confetti inside, for the outdoor photoshoot. Their photographer had asked the couple a question: “What was the material of the confetti?” The photographer then went out to explain that the confetti was biodegradable and would naturally decompose into the soil. To Eunice, that moment with the balloon and the confetti highlighted the social responsibility and consideration that the wedding photoshoot photographer had in mind, not just for the idea of saving the earth and being eco-friendly, but also for other people who might be taking photos at that reservoir and at the same tree. Such a considerate mindset resonated so deeply with Eunice that it painted the bridal boutique in an even more positive light, to have great corporate social responsibility and a positive work ethic.

From the coordination to the planning, communication was very important for the couple and the professionals at Z Wedding and Chris Ling consistently delivered. For choosing a bridal studio, Eunice’s piece of advice towards other brides to be was to concentrate on the selection of wedding gowns. “You will go crazy,” says Eunice, referring to how many wedding gown choices there were. On the other hand, Bryan noted that the price depended on what every couple wants. For him personally, he felt that the price they paid for Z Wedding was very well worth it, after seeing how happy his wife to be was. Both of them highly recommend other couples not to think too much and go with Z Wedding. “Sometimes just let your heart decide and just go for it.”

Although the prices at Z Wedding may be on the higher tail end of the market, Bryan and Eunice believe that a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and that money can always be earned back. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.