“You Pay for What You Get”

“You Pay for What You Get”

Desiree first learned about Z Wedding when she attended her good friend’s wedding. Browsing through her friend’s wedding album, she was quite taken by the beauty of the pictures which led her to ask where the photos were taken from. Desiree also felt that her friend’s album was tastefully done. Jasper and Desiree had been going around surveying various bridal boutiques and looking at some of the photographer’s albums. However, the couple felt that those photos lacked something that they were looking for.

Before Z Wedding, the couple admitted that they had an appointment with another bridal boutique a few doors down, but it was not really the best experience for them. After they decided to come down for a look-see, the couple was very happy and the experience made them feel that they were very certain in making the right decision in signing with Z Wedding.

Desiree was very pleased with the bridal consultancy services, stating that she liked what her consultant recommended her. “(She) gave very good recommendations on how the dress suit(ed) my body type”. The couple also had a fun experience working with the photographer and makeup artist, describing them as very kind and professional. “The photos (were) very nice, very beautiful”.

When it was time for them to select their photos, the couple felt that their consultant was extremely helpful, and “made an effort to explain the layout and concept of the photos page by page”. The couple added that they appreciated the sense of continuity in creating a story from start to finish, which made the album have a feeling of completion. With the photos turning out nice and beautiful, the two of them had no regrets paying for the services. “You pay for what you get”.

The couple urges others to consider Z Wedding, commenting that it was a one-stop place for couples to obtain professional advice on photography as well as bridal gowns. “If you choose Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photographers, you can have peace of mind because you can be assured (that) you’ll be given very professional and personal service” with a team of staff that is very professional and friendly. To couples who are still looking at various bridal houses, Jasper and Desiree only have this to say, “You (will) have no regrets choosing Z Wedding and Chris Ling”. With guaranteed good service, and very friendly and approachable staff members, couples should not wait any longer. “Choose this collaboration because it’s really good.”

We are very honoured for Jasper and Desiree to take time to review our services with such positivity. At Z Wedding, we work together with Chris Ling Photographers to ensure that couples enjoy their experience with us. Our staff team passionately strives to cater to your needs, be it with bridal dresses, makeup or photo shoots. Make an appointment with us today and we will accompany you on your wedding journey in creating brilliant memories you will never forget. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.