Xu Bin & Yi Fei Interview With Z Wedding

Xu Bin & Yi Fei Interview With Z Wedding

Weddings are filled with a joyous celebration of love and happiness, and it was no exception for the matrimonial ceremony for celebrity Xu Bin and his wife Yi Fei. In this interview, they shared and expressed their happiness in engaging the help of Z Wedding to achieve the perfect wedding.

With a special expertise in many areas, the couple believed Z Wedding had assisted them in many aspects of the wedding. During the gown selection process, the store’s interior designs and details did not escape their minds either. Yi Fei lauded the modern and beautifully-designed environment as akin to being like in a palace. One of the designs that caught their eyes is the elegant dressing room. When the curtains are opened, it reveals a runway that elicits the feeling of a model doing a fashion catwalk.

Xu Bin fondly remembered the moment he saw Yi Fei trying on the wedding gowns. Upon seeing her walk out from behind the dressing room curtain, he was left captivated and awestruck, having felt that his wife was the most beautiful woman in the world. During the actual wedding day ceremony, he also noted they were able to look and present the best of themselves to their family members and guests, and share the happiness they felt.

Yi Fei was thankful to Z Wedding for the made-to-measure wedding gown, commending that it was pretty and made her felt like a princess. “It is every girl’s dream”, she expressed, to wear the most beautiful wedding gown and marry the person they love most. It was a beautiful moment that she was grateful for, as they hold hands and embark on the beginning of their marital journey.

Held in the paradise location of Maldives, their wedding photo shoot process was an enjoyable one. Not only were they located in an idyllic beach setting, the whole process made Xu Bin feel very relaxed. It helped him have an ease of mind as he believed that in order to take the best photos, they need to be in a situation where they can feel as relaxed as possible. From photographers to make up artists, working with the team left a pleasant memory with Xu Bin. During the shooting, he recalled laughing heartily and being happy as the staff cracked jokes to make the couple feel at ease. In times where the smile was not natural enough for the photo shoot, the team was able to make them laugh naturally for the camera.

For the entire time in Maldives including the shooting process, the couple appreciated that they were in extremely good care by the staff. When the photo results were released, he was left impressed that the shots captured Maldives very well and achieved a satisfactory level. In summation, the couple wishes to thank Z Wedding and the team at Chris Ling International Photographers for the unconditional care and beautifully-shot photos.