Work The Gown: A March-In Workshop

Work The Gown: A March-In Workshop

Our studio has been in the trade for many years and has seen numerous wedding gowns and wedding gown fashion trends come and go. We have shot wedding gowns for weddings, couples, corporations, portfolios, catalogues, and advertisements.

There are many reasons why a bride would choose a gown. The first reaction would purely be for aesthetic reasons, why shortlist it if it isn’t gorgeous. This thought set me thinking, aesthetic reasons are just a static value. What they see, what we photograph, down to how they wear it, the gown would be draping them in a static manner. It is worked onto the bride, like the frame on a photograph so to speak. Yet, these two elements, the bride and the gown, do not necessarily work with each other.

To me, brides wear gowns for two purposes, pre-wedding shoots (what I would describe as static rentals) and donning them for the wedding banquet.

For pre-wedding, the professionalism of my photography team will ensure our brides work magic with their gowns. In pre-wedding shoots, my photographer will guide our couples and provide directions. The images will therefore be composed to invoke a good “feel”.

With these still pictures, most wedding boutiques are selling or renting gowns for a static reason:  pre-wedding photography. This then doubles up as usage on the actual day.

What is missing in this equation? No one is teaching couples how to work the gown. To wear it, there will be assistants and makeup artists on the day of the shoot. To work it when you’re marching down the aisle with the groom, it’s left to the bride’s instinct. Unfortunately, we are not all super models, grooms included.

1. How do couples walk down the aisle?

2. How would the bride and groom present themselves in front of all their guests?

3. How do we present our best personal image?

4. What is the purpose of a march-in ceremony to begin with?

5. What should couples focus on so that they can tell others who you are, and who you are with?

It came as a relief that I have partnered with Z Wedding, because they have been conducting personal image workshops to master the art of walking down the aisle. Joey, Director of Z Wedding, will teach you the small details many couples never realized they needed to know. She conducts these classes so that couples can perfect the march-in, and brides can work the gown. There are 18 important points to take note of, and practice sessions are part of the curriculum. She will ensure that you rock the gown, instead of having the gown wear you!

There is finally a boutique that can bring together the hardware (gowns) and software (personal image) for you to perfect your wedding.

I encourage you to visit Z Wedding and learn more!

– Chris