“They will really go the extra mile for us”

“They will really go the extra mile for us”

The service they received and the design of gowns were the key factors that convinced Christopher and Jocelyn to appoint Z Wedding as their bridal boutique for their wedding. For Jocelyn, Z Wedding became her choice of bridal shop because she really liked the wedding and evening gown designs which were, in her opinion, “very unique (and) very different”. She was very satisfied with everything she received for the price she paid for and believes that the service and gowns that a wedding couple can get at our boutique “is something that is very hard to find”.

Christopher was drawn towards the professionalism displayed by our staff in the way that they treated him and his bride from the start till the end. “In Z Wedding, even though after we have paid for the stuff we still get very good service”. He was also impressed by the photography done by the Chris Ling International Photographers, which he thought was “very nice, …very well done”. He appreciated his photographer’s professionalism and efforts in making he and his bride laugh so that everything will flow naturally. They were both very comfortable with working with their photographer and makeup artist and this enjoyment could be seen in the photos they have taken as well.

“They will really go the extra mile for us”. This was how Jocelyn felt after her gown selection, which turned out to be very fun for her. She was very happy with her gown consultant as well. “She was very patient and the very amazing thing was that she managed to pull out the dresses that she (felt) that i would like and she didn’t just pull every gown out. She just asked me roughly what I like and she managed to pull out everything that really interest me”. Her gown selection session took her about four to five hours and her gown consultant patiently helped her try on and fit each and every gown she wanted to try. Jocelyn loved that the wedding gowns at Z Wedding were very unique and not something that can be found elsewhere. She also reassured future couples that when choosing your gowns at Z Wedding, you need not worry about your wedding photography as well. “It’s perfect in the sense that because the gowns are so beautiful and with really good photography skills that Chris Ling has, it’s like a really perfect combination”.

Christopher agrees that the collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling is a great one where a couple can get the best of both worlds. “Even though sometimes when two comes together, there will be some gaps in between where information don’t flow over to the next. But then basically for us, we really can’t tell the difference between the Z Wedding staff and the Chris Ling staff. Everybody knows exactly what we want”. He gave a thumbs up to the team for knowing exactly what to do and for ensuring that there were no hiccups in every of their appointments.

Jocelyn also dispelled the fear of any hidden cost a couple may experience here at Z Wedding. “Everything is very transparent, they don’t upsell the things or over sell you stuff, it’s just very professional”. Christopher was very glad to know that Z Wedding is a bridal boutique that honours their words and provides a couple with what we promise. Our team here at Z Wedding is here to help you lay out the most ideal plans for your bridal needs and to create a stress-free and enjoyable wedding journey for you. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.