What is a Wedding Gown Train?

What is a Wedding Gown Train?

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A wedding gown train is the extension of your gown that adds a touch of formality and elegance to the overall look of your dress. Trains are a common part of gowns that are meant to be used for formal gatherings or events. Back in the day, the length of wedding gown trains are symbols of social statuses. The longer the train, the higher your social status was. Consequently, in the modern age, trains are an integral part of wedding gowns.

Wedding gown trains may extend for up to nine feet from your waist and can be detachable too, depending on your preferences. At Z Wedding bridal shop, we have incorporated trains into our wedding and evening gowns seamlessly to create gorgeous gowns for our beautiful brides. Explore the different types of wedding gown trains here!

The shortest of all the trains which measures only about six inches from the floor length of the skirt. It is the perfect choice for outdoor weddings to avoid the hassle of going around in a long bunch of fabric. A sweep train like the ones in our Frills and Fancies collection complements a mermaid or drop waist silhouettes in wedding gowns.

An extension of fabric that drops from the shoulder to the floor, extending for about a foot or more as seen in The Lace Editorial collection. You may opt for your Watteau train to be detachable so you can remove it during the reception or after party. A detachable Watteau is a unique take on the traditional train especially if you are the type who wants to move freely for the reception without anything to slow you down.

The most popular train of all, the Chapel train extends for at least five feet from the waist down. It gives your wedding gown that punch of formality without going over the top, as seen in our Origami collection. A Chapel train complements A-line wedding gowns best and it creates a dreamy and romantic look.

An elaborate kind of train, Cathedral has an average length of 22 or more inches from where the skirt touches the floor, as seen in the Venus collection. It is a very formal type of train and also a traditional one. Opting for a Cathedral train may require your bridesmaid to assist you throughout the wedding ceremony.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Train?
Choosing the perfect train for your wedding gown should take a consideration of other factors such as the location of the ceremony, your gown silhouette, your body type, and the type of bodice you are having for your ensemble. Your consultant at Z Wedding will be able to provide you with advice on the type of train that will be most suitable for you. Of course, In choosing the perfect train, you must also consider your own comfort and style. Consider being practical in choosing a train length as this could be very beneficial not only for you but also to your entourage as well.

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