Wedding Dress Trend: Coloured or Classic White Gowns?

Wedding Dress Trend: Coloured or Classic White Gowns?

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In recent years, the evolution of evening gowns is truly iconic. From traditional white gowns to bold hues, brides started stepping out of the norm and began opting for dresses that adds a pop of colour in the most subtle way. Although white wedding gowns are still being used often worldwide, the idea of wearing lightly coloured dresses has started increasing in popularity in the wedding world.

It may sound weird especially for people who embrace tradition and culture a lot, but adding a touch of modernity to your wedding gown gives a breath of fresh air not only for the bride but also for the guests. If you want to take a step away from tradition and consider wearing unconventional colours for your wedding gown, here are several hues that are beautiful yet subtle for your wedding frock:


If you still wish to wear a white dress but also desire to add a pop of color to your wedding gown, why not consider an ombre design? It is a great transition between two colours that creates a subtle difference and makes the dress look stylish. Just remember to choose a colour that matches well with white!


Playing it safe? Champagne is the perfectcolour for you! Aside from the fact that this hue is closest to the colour white, champagne is one of the classiest choice of wedding gown hue. It has a subtle golden colour that is simple and fresh yet elegant to the eyes. Wearing it can make you feel truly like a queen on your big day!

Blush Pink

A blush pink wedding gown does not only look classy and elegant but it is also very romantic. It is the lightest shade of pink with a warm tone that is truly flattering. Just like champagne, this colour may seem barely there and closest to white but at the same time, it adds a sweet and fresher look to your wedding frock. Also, it is a colour that is not overwhelming to the eyes.


Still don’t want to steer away from the traditional white wedding dress? Then you may opt to choose silver as the theme for your gown. Just remember to be careful when selecting the material for your silver dress and avoid being overly metallic. To be sure, it is best to consult professionals from your bridal boutique and work out something to make your silver and glistening wedding gown dream come true.

Dove Gray

Who says gray is boring? In the recent trends of dresses, dove gray has been gaining popularity because of its sultry, soft, and subtle hue. It is one great alternatives for white dresses while still being on the safe side.

Pale Blue

If you seriously want a pop of color without going overboard, choose the lightest shade of blue that is wispy enough to look soft and easy on the eyes. Pale blue is a very dreamy shade that is at the same time romantic.

When it comes to choosing the perfect colour for your gown, you have to consider factors like your skin tone as well. The best way to find a flattering gown will be to head down to your bridal boutique and try on a range of coloured gowns to see it for yourself!