Wedding Dress Detailing – Current Favourites and Trends

Wedding Dress Detailing – Current Favourites and Trends

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Most fashion trends come and go, but some stay in the industry for a long time. Every bride aspires to have the most beautiful wedding dress in singapore. To do so, you must choose a wedding dress with a timeless luxury appeal.

You might be researching for the top trends for contemporary wedding gowns, just for a starting point to begin finding your dream gown. Even going down to a luxury bridal boutique can feel intimidating. With all the detailing, designs, and silhouettes at your fingertips, picturing a specific wedding gown can get pretty overwhelming. A bridal couple still needs to plan out the wedding and all the logistics that come with it.

If you are still undecided on what kind of design, details, and silhouette to include in your wedding dress, check out these suggestions from us to get you started in achieving that dream wedding ensemble:

Embroidery on Necklines
In the past years, the trends for necklines have been deep v’s and high necks. Today in 2018, many women opt to have necklines that are intricate and romantic. Some examples of these are the scoop, bateau, and bib necklines. These necklines are very versatile and perfect for the latest fashion trends today—classic, simple, elegant and yet still exude an aura of sexiness.

Bows can bring a girlish, summery flair to your wedding ensemble. Bows can be used as a major accent to your wedding gown or something that can add some texture and depth to your wedding gown, especially if your gown is more subtle than exuberant. How you will utilise the incorporation of bows in your wedding gown depends on your preference and the design you are aiming to have.

Swarovski Crystals
Want to have something unique for your wedding gown? Aiming to attain that extra sparkle and luxury? Add a little sparkle on your dress! A sparkling wedding gown embellished tastefully with crystals brings a bit of drama and texture to the overall look of your ensemble, and elevate your wedding gown beyond the usual adjectives.

Bring your wedding gown to even higher levels of haute couture by incorporating beadworks woven intricately along the skirt and bodice. Beadworks add texture, depth, and feel to your wedding gown. Geometrical angles and shapes, as well as organic designs make your wedding gown dreamy and one of a kind.

Today, minimalism is here to stay. Sleek, structured, and simple designs are the trend right now and many brides-to-be are embracing this kind of wedding ensembles. To add a fresher twist to the simple look, brides can opt for an extravagant silhouette to bring a fresh, edgy and contemporary look to their minimalistic gowns. For example, they add a deep v neckline or straps that are so thin they can be rarely seen.

We’ve explored several trends popular among wedding dresses. Choosing which details to include on your wedding gown will depend on your preferences. Partnering the largest luxury wedding boutique in Singapore will allow you to enjoy in-depth expertise and advise. It is a matter of deciding on what you want, depending on your own personal style, personality, and comfort level. However, do not forget to pre-define your budget and resources to give you a clear framework to assist you when selecting a wedding dress.