“We set it as a benchmark”

“We set it as a benchmark”

Thanks to her colleague’s recommendation, Joy decided to do some research on Z Wedding and found out that our bridal boutique was in collaboration with the Chris Ling International Photographers. Having known Chris Ling to be very reputable, the Wei Tien and Joy decided to give our studio a try. With a bright smile, the bride-to-be shared that “(they) headed down to Z Wedding on one of the weekend and that is how it all started.”

Wei Tien trusted his bride’s words and encouraged her to head straight down to our studio to see what it is all about. “We set it as a benchmark”. This was how Wei Tien felt upon interacting with the team from our studio. Apart from the wedding gowns he saw and the reputation he has heard of Z Wedding and Chris Ling, he was especially impressed with their wedding coordinator’s help and commended that she was fantastic at her job.

Joy was won over by her gown consultant who patiently accompanied and guided her throughout the process. “She will just keep bringing it out for you and she will never complain that she is tired or have you decided any, I don’t hear any complaints from her. So from there, I was very very satisfied.” Joy had no idea what style she personally wanted but her gown consultant tirelessly brought out options that she believed would fit her and with her expertise, did her best to find the perfect style for Joy.

Wei Tien could also see the effort behind their gown consultant’s work when she went through almost all the selection of evening gowns that they have just to help Joy decide on a gown that she liked. He was impressed that she did not express any annoyance or upsetness through the long process, something he expects he would experience if he wasn’t in Z Wedding.

He appreciated that instead of complaints, their gown consultant gave very constructive feedback to his bride, telling her what suits her and what doesn’t. In fact, he was pleased to see that even if Joy wanted to try a gown that did not suit her, she will patiently still let her try it on so that she can be convinced the gown was not the right one for her. To him, this was very important as it relayed to him that the team does not force ideas on them, but are open to letting them explore their options.

Joy also appreciated that they were given a chance to meet their photographer before their pre wedding shoot for discussions so that they could find out what style and clothing that had to bring along for the shoot. “I find that is very responsible, at least I am not going to see the person for the first time and feel awkward and having to pose in those position that we have never done before.” Wei Tien agreed that the photo shoot went extremely smoothly and it was a very pleasant experience. In fact, they even managed to end the session early. “I think it takes a lot of professionalism and a lot of skills to run all these things well and to run it in such a professional manner”. Wei Tien is ready to provide his recommendation to the other couples around him.

When it came to the photo selection, the usual consensus that you may not have enough photos to choose from was easily dismissed. On the contrary, Joy revealed that “It was a difficult decision trying to cut photos, so we ended up having more than we should have. It was a happy decision.” We are happy to know that the couple liked the style of their photos and are looking forward to their wedding album. At Z Wedding, an enjoyable experience is what we aim to achieve for every couple and we will do our best to create magic in every wedding journey we come across.