Ways to be Adventurous With Your Wedding Gown Design

Ways to be Adventurous With Your Wedding Gown Design

Most women get pretty excited when it is time for them to hunt and shop for their wedding gowns. Wedding gown hunting can become a bit of a chore and this is where the beauty and convenience of bridal gown rental in singapore come into effect.

With the silhouettes and options at your fingertips, it is safe to say that you will experience a few bouts of confusion and uncertainty, especially when making your final decision. Remember, choosing your wedding gown is a huge decision but it also does not mean that you have to stick to traditional gowns. In fact, going out of your comfort zone and trying out something new could even make you look even more beautiful.

Being adventurous with your wedding gown may seem like a risky move, but trust us, it is what makes the whole planning process worthwhile. Plus, it helps a lot in bringing out your own personal style. Here are some ways to take your whole wedding gown design hunting into a whole new adventurous level:

Contrasting Fabrics
Ever heard of mixing and matching different kinds of fabric? You might say that this happens only in the world of haute couture but have you ever wondered how would leather look on you when paired with a flowing, whimsical fabric? For a unique combination, try searching for a gown where the bodice is made from leather and choose a skirt that is either made from silk or chiffon. Try selecting two pieces of material and see if they look good together. Contrasting fabrics and materials add depth and dimension to a gown.

Other Than White
In the recent years, more and more brides are now wearing wedding gowns in colours apart from white. Some go all out by wearing darker, bolder colours like mustard and maroon, much like gowns from Z Wedding Design’s Athena collection. Some like to keep in clean and simple and choose to wear pastels or muted colours. Whatever you decide on, it is best to select a colour and wedding gown type that complements your personality and style.

Go Ombre
While the trend for ombre has been long gone from the world of hair styling, you can never go wrong with an ombre-d wedding gown. Look out for ensembles like these from various bridal shops in singapore. Surely, they are still available as this kind of design is a classic, especially when done right.

A Tea Time And Wedding Combined
Feeling a little bit more adventurous? Opt for a gown with a length that falls just along your knees. With the rise in popularity in terms of tea-length gowns, you can almost see them in wedding gown design boutiques in different shops around Singapore. They are widely available as more brides are opting for such dresses since they offer more comfort and breathability, considering how hot and humid Singapore can get. A tea length wedding gown looks also very elegant and formal, perfect for a daytime wedding.

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