Wei Lun and Serene found that their interactions with people at Z Wedding and Chris Ling were always a fun experience. Describing their process of selecting the wedding gowns as “effortless” and “fun”, Serene received a lot of help from her gown consultant.

In addition, the couple’s experience with their photographer was “an awesome” one. Wei Lun admits that as he is not a person who is very photogenic and does not really enjoy photography, he was initially worried. Both Serene and Wei Lun thought that they would “ruin” the photos and “tarnish the reputation of Chris Ling”, because of the fact that neither of them was very photogenic. However, their photographer made them feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the pre-wedding shoot. “(He) taught us ways to smile and to be natural and all we (had) to do was just to listen to him and open ourselves up and go with the flow.” Needless to say, the pictures of Serene and Wei Lun turned out very well. Both of them loved how every single photo looked like and had a hard time later on trying to select photos and put together their wedding album. Serene was also very grateful for the services provided by her makeup artist, who made sure that makeup, hairdo and everything else was in perfect condition to showcase the bride in her prettiest light.

When asked to talk about the relationship between Z Wedding and Chris Ling, the couple felt that the collaboration was one where both parties did not work separately but worked together instead to understand what each couple needs. Such a collaboration enabled them to bring the best out of the album and the wedding itself.

“For the price itself, like the Chinese saying ‘一分钱, 一分货’, it really makes a difference.” As Wei Lun mentioned, he believes that the money spent was well worth it. After looking at the albums and how the photographs turned out, Serene and Wei Lun could tell how beautiful they were and that such quality was the result of an investment that paid off. In the end, the wedding was a memorable one. Serene advises other couples not to worry so much about the costs and money required, especially if couples are looking to have a quality wedding package. “At the end, when you look at the result, it’s the product that will be with you through the lifetime.”

The couple strongly advise other soon-to-be brides and grooms to consult Z Wedding and Chris Ling for their wedding packages. (They are) top notch in the industry” asserts Wei Lun, encouraging everyone else to trust them. “The quality of services that we received was way beyond our expectations.”

We are extremely delighted to learn that Wei Lun and Serene were able to have a memorable wedding, complete with an abundance of pictures that were to their liking. With both sides of Z Wedding and Chris Ling collaborating, we are dedicated to giving what every couple wants for their once-in-a-lifetime experience. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.