Although Meng Wee and Xin Ni had went through quite a few bridal shops, the couple had already heard about Z Wedding and Chris Ling way before that. For both of them, Z Wedding had been their dream place because of its prestige, how good it was, and the photography that was most loved by past customers. Given that they had heard about Z Wedding’s extremely positive reputation, the couple had thought to themselves that the photography quality is something that “cannot fail one”.

For Meng Wee and Xin Ni, they eventually came back to Z Wedding after a few rounds of looking at other bridal boutiques to get their photography shots done up. Besides the extensive of pretty wedding gowns, Xin Ni shared that the makeup artist made her feel like a totally different person, while maintaining her natural look.

Despite having no photography experience, the couple felt assured by the presence of their photographer who did a good job in guiding them and making them feel very natural. To say that their wedding photo shoot experience matched their expectations was an understatement. “(It was) way above our expectations.” Meng Wee and Xin Ni admitted that although they took a lot of photos, they wanted to keep everything as every photo had turned out very nice. “From the day (they) stepped in”, the couple was pleased with the service provided by the staff of Z Wedding, praising them for their utmost patience and ability to accommodate to Meng Wee and Xin Ni’s limitations. “They (made) us feel very closed.”

Although Z Wedding and Chris Ling’s prices could be considered steep within the industry, both of them felt that the things that were covered, the services that were offered, and the end product that was produced made everything “much more worth it”. The couple added that there were no hidden costs as everything was laid up nicely.

On describing Chris Ling’s services, Meng Wee and Xin Ni were blown away by their impressive studio. “(We) couldn’t imagine that within a small compound, there was so many different themes.” In addition, the couple were certain of their decision to choose Chris Ling and Z Wedding, knowing that the photos would be well taken, compared to certain bridal shops where couples do not know who the photographers are nor how the photos would end up. With the guarantee of getting a premium product, Meng Wee and Xin Ni highly recommend the collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling to other couples who are waiting to get their wedding journey started.

Hearing this wonderful testimonial from Meng Wee and Xin Ni deeply warms our hearts at Z Wedding. We are sincerely honoured to learn that the efforts of Chris Ling and Z Wedding have contributed into the making of an unforgettable wedding journey for the two now happily wedded soulmates. Our bridal boutique strives to give only the best services to any couple that walks through our doors. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.