What attracted Juliana to Z Wedding in the first place were the wedding gowns on display. They were exactly what she wanted, in that kind of style that Juliana felt was not dated and very fashionable, very up to date. When Kenny and Juliana found out that the wedding photography services were provided by Chris Ling International Photographers, the couple decided on the spot to sign up. “It’s the kind of quality assured, that’s why.”

Throughout this whole process, Kenny related that there were no obstacles at all and how both of them were very happy with everything. Juliana added on how the gown consultant was very patient with her when she was choosing the wedding gowns. She had tried on a lot of styles. In addition, the consultant gave her advice on what kind of wedding gown she should wear.

Juliana was also very thankful for her makeup artist who was, as she proclaims, perfect. “He was very fast with his hands and he knows exactly what kind of makeup that I want and the hairstyle as well.”

The photographer for Kenny and Juliana was a very humorous guy and the couple appreciated how he really prompted them on what to do and everything. As a result, their photo shoot experience went on very smoothly and very natural. When it was time for the couple to see the photos, Kenny and Juliana’s reactions were like, “Wow! Thank you!” Kenny described that the feeling was not like some other kind of typical photo. It was what the two of them had really wanted to achieve. “Very modern,” added Juliana.

From the start to the whole process, Kenny felt that everything was very accommodating and the people at Z Wedding really listened to what the couple wanted. Juliana and Kenny both admitted that they were actually very indecisive types of people, thus they would have the problem of making decisions. At the end of the day, they felt that all the helpers who actually helped them with all the wedding gown choosing and the choosing of photos really helped them a lot.

During the photo selection process, the couple took up almost 4 hours but the consultant was so patient with the both of them. “She was cheery throughout the selection process and she was with us all the way.” She advised the two of them on the kind of photos to choose. For example, whether the photo chosen should be one that was portrait or landscape so as to better fit the album. This was not an element that neither Kenny nor Juliana would have thought of, and were some of the questions that the consultant advised to carefully consider when choosing the photos. Ultimately, she really guided them on how to choose a photo and the couple felt really thankful for her.

To other couples that might be searching for bridal studios, Kenny and Juliana only have this to say, “Don’t consider anymore! Just sign up with Z Wedding!” Choose Z Wedding because you love her.