Types of Laces Used In Wedding Dresses

Types of Laces Used In Wedding Dresses

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The first lace wedding gown was seen in 1840, during Queen Victoria wore a lace-trimmed white gown in her wedding to Prince Albert of Germany. Ever since then, lace has become a primary staple into bridal fashion, from corsets and veils to handkerchiefs and lingerie. When the Renaissance arrived, lace had already been established as a prestigious element of fashion. Many families of royalty and of wealth would pay fortunes for high-quality lace.

When people see lace, they think of softness and romance. As a result, many wedding dress designers say that lace will never go out of style, as the fabric gives a highly feminine and romantic aura to bridal dresses. Sophisticated wedding dresses that exude a vintage aura and timeless charm tend to crafted out of lace. Besides being one of the most luxurious fabrics used in the construction of wedding gowns, lace comes in a variety of weaves. Before you decide to settle on a lace wedding dress, you should know the common types of bridal laces.

Chantilly Lace
Originated in Chantilly, France, this bridal lace often features fine floral designs that are very intricate. Light in weight, it is perfect for a traditional wedding dress and often paired with silk and tulle.

Alençon Lace
Known as the Queen of Lace, this is a French type of lace invented in the 16th century that is one of the most decorative lace fabrics that you can find. Ideal for top details and layers, the lace is intricately designed with corded detailing. With Alençon lace, you cannot go wrong with the wedding dress, even if it is beaded or sheer.

Venetian Lace
Originating from the 17th century in Venice, the Venetian lace is a needlepoint lace with raised floral or geometric designs that make it extremely suitable for illusion detailing or elaborate overlays on bodices. Venetian lace can also be used in bridal accessories, as well as, lace appliques on bridal dresses. If you are feeling like going for a vintage and romantic look, you should consider a wedding gown that incorporates Venetian lace!

Eyelet Lace
This cotton-based lace is extremely light and ideal for summer weddings! The fabric is pierced to create many tiny holes that are finished with stitching and laid out in floral motifs to give rise to a lace-like effect. Eyelet laces add a touch of vintage-bohemian style to the wedding dress, enhancing its romantic feel. If you are holding your wedding in an outdoor location, you might want to tailor your gown search to focus on this bridal lace type.

Honiton Lace
A type of bobbin lace made in Honiton, this part lace is recognisable by the ornate embroideries which are usually made by sewing complex patterns together. The Honiton lace has been incorporated into wedding gowns used by women of royalty such as Queen Victoria and Duchess of Cambridge, and it has, therefore, garnered the reputation for being one of the finest and opulent bridal laces. If you are searching for a lace top wedding dress that has a strong vintage flair and makes you feel like royalty, you might wish to invest in a garment that has Honiton lace.

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