Types of Flower Crowns to Match Your Gorgeous Gowns

Types of Flower Crowns to Match Your Gorgeous Gowns

Every girl deserves to look at their absolute best on her wedding day. What can be better than rocking an intricately woven flower crown to making her feel and look like a princess? Apart from the fact that flower crowns are intimate and romantic, they are also very versatile. Whether you are having a beach, bohemian, or indoor wedding, flower crowns will suit any venue as long as the flowers and its colours match the theme of your wedding.

The best way to decide on what kind of flower crown would best suit you is to come up first with your wedding gown design, colour palette, and flowers that would make it to your bouquet. Worried that nothing will suit your gown since you are just going for wedding gown rental from boutiques in Singapore? Fear not, there is a myriad of choices of flower crowns out there and it is just a matter of mixing and matching designs.

Here are a few types of flower crowns to help you get started:

The Romantic Baby’s Breath
Tiny, white, and romantic looking flowers—that’s Baby’s Breath for you. Perfect if you have already a detailed gown or bouquet with loud colours, a flower crown made out of Baby’s Breath is a great idea to bring a subtle feminine touch. Baby’s breath also looks very majestic and elegant when paired with a braided hair or a messy bun. The little flowers making up your crown brings great contrast and texture to your overall look.

The Frida Kahlo Inspired Crown
Recreate one of the most iconic looks in the world by donning bright and big flowers on your head while keeping the design of your wedding gown and bouquet at the minimum. The Venus collection from Z Wedding Design will be an ideal choice for a minimalistic and elegant wedding gown. This is a bold move as not many brides dare to make their headpieces a statement on their wedding.

The Half Moon Style Flower Crown
Step away from the norm and get a flower crown shaped like a half moon. Donned by Lauren Conrad herself, a half moon flower crown is meant to be worn from the back. In contrast to typical flower crowns, the half moon crown is made with a bunch of lightly hued pastels that is concentrated at the back of your head. This type of crown matches perfectly with hair let ending in soft curls!

The Intimate Daisies
Want another look that is very unique? Instead of placing a literal flower crown atop your head, why not weave these flowers along the braids of your hair? You can ask your stylist to do your hair in loose, soft curls while braiding a few stems of daisy across your head for a dainty, intimate and sophisticated look.

The Sea Gypsy Flower Crown
If you are a girl who loves pearls and some jewels adorning their crowns, why not ask the designer of your flower crown to glue on some small pearls on the wreath along with small flowers? The pearls or jewels add dimension to the flower crown making it even more unique and personalised. Nothing beats flaunting your own style!

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