Types of Bridal Shoes to Pair with Your Wedding Dress

Types of Bridal Shoes to Pair with Your Wedding Dress

Now that you are done with choosing your wedding gown, bought directly or from a singapore wedding gown rental, it is about time you select matching shoes for your ensemble.

If you are not too concerned about matching your wedding shoes with your beautiful gown from Z Wedding, well, you should think again. Just like your wedding gown, your shoes are a very significant part of your overall wedding ensemble. Of course, choosing your own wedding shoes also entails considering a couple of factors: comfort, heel size, and material where they are made.

For your wedding shoes, you might want a pair of shoes with a breathable outer lining and avoid pairs made from vinyl or plastic as these materials tend to make your feet develop blisters. Most importantly, your shoes must fit you exactly for a more confident and comfortable time.

When choosing your bridal shoes, different shoes go with different types of wedding dresses. For example, the elegant simplicity of Z Wedding’s Venus wedding gown collection demands a different style of bridal shoes compared to a louder wedding gown. We look at some popular bridal shoe and gown pairings.

A-Line Gowns Call For A Detailed Shoes
Although this type of gown is made from layers of fabric and the skirt can reach the floor, it does not mean that you do not have the right to wear fancy heels. Consider the details of your wedding gown. If your gown is made from series of beads, stones, and sequins, you might want to wear shoes that contain similar details.

Statement Shoes For Tea-Length Wedding Dresses
If you are attending a reception in singapore with a dinner dress, you can wear a pair of shoes that is brimming with details. Tea-length wedding dresses mean that your shoes can be seen. It is a good time to flaunt your personal shoe style and is a great opportunity to maximise the styling of your overall ensemble with an eye-catching pair of shoes!

Strappy Shoes For Mermaid-Cut Wedding Gowns
You know how they always say that mermaid-cut wedding gowns are romantic and sexy? Well, your shoes also need to be as intimate and sexy as possible! Choose a pair of strappy shoes for a simple yet elegant look while at the same time letting your beautiful mermaid gown hold the limelight.

Delicate Fabrics Mean Delicate Shoes
If your wedding gown is made from layers of delicate fabric, you have to be careful in choosing your bridal shoes. Stay away from embellished shoes if you are wearing a gown made from laces, silk, satin, and chiffon as designs with studs and stones might lead to a major wardrobe malfunction. If you are wearing a gown made from delicate fabrics, choose a style that is simple and plain but elegant like a pair of shoes made from satin or suede.

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