Top Wedding Gown Styles for the Conservative Bride

Top Wedding Gown Styles for the Conservative Bride

Wedding gown designs range from the simplest and modest looking pieces down to the most alluring and sensual ones. Weddings are one of the best occasions for you to look and wear something extravagant and it is only normal for you to want to wear something that will make your own personal style shine.

However, if you come from a family that worries a lot on being and looking conservative on your big day, how are you going to be able to sport something that is stylish yet conservative?

The real answer is simple. At Z Wedding bridal shop, our gown consultants will carefully select matching wedding and evening gown pieces with cuts and structures that will help you look gorgeous and alluring without showing too much skin.

Below are some of the top bridal dress styles that you can wear if you are aiming for a conservative yet stylish bridal look.

Check them out below!

Sheath Gown in a Solid Colour

Sheath dresses or gowns are always the perfect choice if you want to achieve that modest, reserved, yet sexy look. Sheath dresses are particularly structured so they highlight the right places of your body. Select a solid fabric colour so it hugs and accentuates your figure beautifully. To make the overall look more dramatic, opt for a longer train to compensate for your dressing being on the modest side.

Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress

Laces add beautiful details on a wedding gown. They are also perfect as sleeves if you are aiming to show a bit of your skin without revealing too much. Wedding gowns with lace sleeves example from our Aphrodite collection add texture and depth to the overall look of the wedding gown as intricate beadworks and weavings perfectly complements an elegant wedding. They make the gown look modest so you would not have to worry about looking too bold or revealing with your ensemble.

Lace Bodice with an A Line Skirt

If you want to look more feminine with a bit of dimension, opt for a bridal gown where the skirt is a bit fluffy while the bodice is made of lace that hugs your upper body nicely. Our bridal gowns from the Garden of Eden collection are perfect examples. This kind of silhouette is romantic and helps you create a sexy look without baring it all.

Lace Applique Bodice with a Solid Coloured Skirt

A bodice made with lace appliqué creates a great mood of romance and dreaminess at the same time. If you opt to wear a bodice made with laces and the details are already busy, it is best to pair it with a skirt solid in colour. A solid coloured skirt highlights your bodice too. A sheer top and solid bottom makes a great combination as they complement rather than overpower each other.

Aiming for a modest look can sometimes be very tricky as many wedding gown designs may reveal a hint of skin. Choosing a modest and conservative looking gown does not mean that it has to look boring and dull, it is just a matter of mixing and matching structures, details, fabric textures and cuts to create that perfect wedding dress! Explore your wedding gown rental options here at Z Wedding bridal boutique and allow our gown consultants to help pick out the perfect wedding and evening gown for you.

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