Top 4 Wedding Gown Silhouettes You Should Try On

Top 4 Wedding Gown Silhouettes You Should Try On

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Confused where to begin? Wedding gown shopping can get quite overwhelming. Of course, brides-to-be only have one goal and that is to look their best on their wedding day. Not only will she be presenting herself to her husband-to-be, but also to the guests who will serve as witnesses of their heartfelt union.

An important part of this celebration is a wedding dress. It should flatter your body type and bring out the best out of your figure. Trying more than four wedding dress may sound demanding and exhausting but it is through this that you will learn about the different bridal gown silhouettes and figure out which will work best for you.

It is of great value to understand these points, so we have prepared a quick guide for the top four gown silhouettes for you to learn the differences between them.

Ball Gown

Ball gowns have a fitted bodice that emphasizes your waistline. This gown silhouette is famous for its trademark, which is a full skirt that perfectly fits a queen. It is a very grand and sophisticated silhouette that fits women who want to enhance their figures. On the other hand, this type of wedding gown may not be suitable for women with a petite frame as the volume of the skirt can be overwhelming for them. However, for most figures, a ball gown creates an illusion of balance and proportion among body parts.


This silhouette is one of the best choices among wedding gowns in the market. A mermaid dress accentuates the body’s curves, so it helps in bringing out and enhancing your best asset. It is a very figure flattering gown silhouette with an added flare at the hem for that extra drama on your wedding ensemble. However, this silhouette may not work well with all figures. So it is best to consult your gown consultant for their professional opinion.


It may look very simple, but sheath dresses are at the same time very elegant when designed accordingly. However, the downside for this type of silhouette is in its figure. Sheath dresses are ideal for brides with leaner frames as this silhouette can look unflattering if worn the wrong way due to its narrow and straight design.

Tea Length

Nowadays, brides are adventurous enough to steer away from the traditional look of a wedding gown. In recent years, brides-to-be consider a different take on design when it comes to their gowns. A newer take on wedding gown silhouettes is a design called the tea length dress. This silhouette resembles a ball gown, with a difference in the length of the gown. While the classic ball gown’s skirt extends to the floor, a tea length gown’s skirt just rests between the knees and ankles.

These are the top four types of gown silhouettes popular amongst brides in Singapore. Head down to a bridal shop and explore all of your choices, you will be surprised at the types of gown silhouettes that will fit your figure!