Top 4 Evening Dress Colours in Trend Today

Top 4 Evening Dress Colours in Trend Today

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In Singapore, it is common for a bride to have 2 different dresses for their wedding dinner. One will, of course, be the wedding gown, and another will be an evening gown that she will change into half way through the event. When you are given a plethora of choices, one of the most difficult things is deciding the right evening gown colour. However, knowing a few evening gown colours in trend today can help you make a better choice.

When narrowing down your options, you should zoom in on the gown colours that match your personality. As much as the style of the dress is important, the colour of your dress also influences the vibe you are likely to portray to those around you.
Experts argue that the colour of what we put on can either enhance or inhibit our attitudes and moods. It is a fun experience to pick out a gown for yourself as a way of self-expression. It will be helpful to understand what feelings do different colours exude and how you can fashion them to your liking.

Here are some of the dinner dress colours in trend today:


Once you go black, you never go back. You must have heard that black is a classic colour that has never gone out of style despite being a popular choice for centuries. This is probably because it has the amazing ability to flatter any body shape. Wearing a black dress, whether long or short, reveals that you are wise, elegant, refined, and reserved. Depending on the cut, it can also portray an edgy and mysterious side of you. But you may like to seek approval from the in-law, some may agianst brides to wear a black dress.


If you decide to opt for a champagne dress, get one with some bling; a champagne-coloured dress looks the best when it has a bit of sparkle. This colour can be great if you want to stray from the usual white gown, but yet do not want to wear too bold of a colour.


Red is a favourite colour for most ladies who attend night events. This is because a red evening dress can complement almost all skin tones and hair colours. Choosing a red evening gown reveals that you are vivacious, confident, and vibrant. In fact, anyone who cares to notice you (although almost everyone will steal a glance) will realize that you are a fire cracker! You are classy and have a trendy edge too.


Most ladies love the good old gowns in white, perhaps because it portrays a pure, innocent, and angelic image. Thus, white is a popular colour not only wedding photo shoots but also for evening gowns. Since white wedding gowns are extremely popular, there is a great range of styles you can choose from. Select a white gown with unique detail work, beading, or cutting. This means you will be a notch higher than those who opted for a plain-white dinner dress.

Choosing the right colour for your evening gown might sound difficult, but understanding the trending evening gown colours can make it easier for you to make a choice.