Tips on Matching Your Bridal Bouquet to Your Wedding Gown

Tips on Matching Your Bridal Bouquet to Your Wedding Gown

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Now that you have finally found your perfect wedding gown, it is now time to get accessorizing! One of the major parts of your wedding attire is your bridal bouquet. Your bridal bouquet should complement your wedding gown to create a balanced, tied-together look. While there are a lot of bridal bouquets available for you to choose from, it can be helpful to keep in mind that your bouquet is more than just flowers. They should be aligned to your chosen type of wedding gown for a more cohesive look and in accordance to your personal style for an overall image that is truly you.

As the wedding bouquet comes in all forms, sizes, colours, variety of flowers, and prices, it is best to already have a knowledge in mind on what you are getting; or at least have an idea on where to begin.

Besides searching the internet for ideas, visiting an actual bridal boutique in singapore to get inspiration from is also useful. At Z Wedding Design, you can receive professional advice and tips from our expert consultants to guide you along in your wedding preparation including wedding dress rental services.

Read on below to find out you can get started to find the ideal wedding bouquet to help tie up your overall bridal look.

Do Your Research
Before diving head first into the world of flowers, know that the varieties of them extends out far from roses, daisies, and tulips. There is an extensive species of flowers out in the open and it can get pretty overwhelming to know all about them for the first time. Do your research online or ask professionals about the basic. Knowing the basics can help you have an idea what flowers will work best to the wedding gown design you have in mind.

Match Them Together
Bouquets have different styles just like your wedding dress does. There are styles that best complements various wedding themes and gown designs. Such examples of these bouquet arrangements include cascade bouquets, nosegay (round cluster) bouquet and hand-tied bouquets.

Consider Your Style and Personality
Your wedding bouquet should complement your personal style and personality because it does affect your fashion choices including bridal dresses. Wedding gowns are often considered to be an outward representation of your overall self which you can feel most comfortable in and exude confidence. Same goes for your bouquet as the perfect pairing will truly reflect and enhance your style well on your big day.

Work on a Budget
When it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet, your budget is also something to consider. Knowing your range when it comes to your financial aspect is as important so you will know to what kind of flowers you have access to and find the ideal bouquet arrangement that will satisfy your needs and budget.

Wedding Florist
After rounding up various inspirations from different sources, make sure to consult your wedding florist for finalization. Bouquet services can also be found in various wedding shops in Singapore. It is best to have your ideas be assessed by a professional who knows the ins and outs of designing a wedding bouquet. They are knowledgeable and skilful in their craft with experience to give you the best wedding bouquet you have always dreamed of.

The key to achieving a perfectly balanced wedding look is to match your bridal bouquet to your dress. Keep everything in a perfect harmony and surely, your look will definitely be eye-catching and memorable during your big day. Z Wedding Design is a bridal boutique in Singapore which offers bespoke and rental services for wedding gowns and evening dresses as well as bridal bouquet designs to help you achieve your dream wedding day look.

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