3 Tips to Help You Curb the Wedding Jitters

3 Tips to Help You Curb the Wedding Jitters

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Weddings are exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The whole journey of preparing for the big day is a worthwhile journey, but when you are about a week before this once in a lifetime event, there are instances where you may feel anxious and worried. Sometimes, you are not even sure about the reason why you are feeling anxious. It could be due to family concerns, whether the venue is ready or even worries about your perfect bridal dress. But for whatever reasons, both bride and groom-to-be usually suffer under these pre-wedding jitters. It can happen to anyone even without any specific reasons at all.

Many emotional factors could trigger pre-wedding jitters such as your self-esteem and confidence in being a husband or wife. Jitters are usually caused by your subconscious thoughts that seem to be signaling you that something is not right. However, know that pre-wedding jitters are normal and there are definitely ways that you can cope with them.

Below are some tips that you might find helpful in dealing with your pre-wedding jitters so you can be at your best during your big day!

Calm yourself and Meditate

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Doing so can help relax your body and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts. Listen to some relaxing, peaceful music and let your body release the negative energy you are feeling. Also, try practicing meditation when you want to understand your inner self, discovering your deepest feelings, and reflecting on life in general.


Similar to meditation, take time to relax and stop worrying about what will happen during the event itself. Have some confidence in yourself and stop overthinking of events that may not occur in the future. Remember, focusing on the things that are in front of you is more important than trying to make a big deal out of something you cannot predict. Have faith in the bridal boutique you are working with and trust the professionals! Focus your energy on attracting happiness, and the feelings of anxiety will surely go away.

Talk to People

There is nothing more soothing than venting out your worries to people who you trust the most. Getting assurances that everything is going to be okay and what you are experiencing is entirely normal can put you at ease. Talk about the things that worry you, the things that make you feel anxious, or better yet, talk about what you look forward to during the big day itself.

If you still feel down or restless, pause, reflect and take a deep breath. Look back on the good times you have spent planning for your most awaited event and look forward to the beautiful future you are going to create with your partner. May these tips help you in preventing wedding jitters!