Things To Avoid When Picking Out An Evening Gown

Things To Avoid When Picking Out An Evening Gown

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With a strict dress code, deciding what to wear to a formal event can be pretty difficult. For a party or cocktail event, a simple dinner dress would do, but for more formal occasions, you might want to consider a more elaborate evening gown. Here’s what to avoid when shopping for an evening dress:

Picking a dress that’s not the right colour for you

Selecting an evening gown that doesn’t suit your complexion isn’t the best idea as it can adversely affect your appearance, making you seem lacklustre or even extremely pale. It’s important to keep in mind that a dress with a colour that looks stunning on the rack might not be suitable for your skin tone once you try it on. A general rule of thumb is to get the trustworthy opinions of your beloved friends and family members before impulsively making the purchase.

In general, it’s better  to opt for understated, lighter, muted or pastel colours. Not a fan of brighter colours? Darker, jewel-toned gowns can look gorgeous too and black is also a safe option for practically all skin tones.

Getting a dress that’s not suited for your body type

Time to say yes to the dress! It’s crucial to get an evening dress which fits your body just right. After all, most aren’t so lucky to find an exact fit right off the rack. What then? What’s most commonly done is to buy a gown closest to the actual size before getting it altered to fit perfectly.

If you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, get a dress that covers your shoulders up and accentuates your shapely behind. Those who have a petite stature should avoid wearing flowy dresses as it can cause them to appear even shorter. Instead, a long, slim-fit dress that defines the torso while adding length to the legs would work better. Try to experiment with various styles of dresses before deciding on one that looks best for your body type.

Choosing the right detailing

Embellishments should look as though they are intricately woven into fabric. It’s best to stick to more abstract or elaborate detailing which will give off a classier look and feel.

A gown with too much bling can also be off-putting and clutter your outfit. Simple is best, so use accessories like earrings, necklaces, shoes or a bag for some sparkle instead.

Choosing unflattering cut-outs

Cut-outs are ideal for those that want to show a little skin but can be unflattering if not done right. Usually placed above or right at the line of your natural waist, it gives off a sleek, sophisticated feel. Remember that less is more. Too many cut-outs on an outfit can be overly revealing and take away from the look.

If you’re uncomfortable with cut-outs, but still wish to exude an air of subtle sexiness, then  consider high slits, a low-cut back or a plunging neckline instead.