“They do things with their heart, it is very different”

“They do things with their heart, it is very different”

While doing door to door research for their bridal boutique, Brian and Phylis chanced upon our Z Wedding Boutique and this was the beginning of a wonderful exchange between our boutique and the couple. “Very genuine, passionate group of people. They got everything planned out for you.” The couple grew an instant liking to the team when they first got served by them.

Phylis loved the designs of the wedding gowns she saw, commenting that they were very clean cut, sleek and pretty. Her gown consultant gave her a selection of wedding and evening gowns and offered patience and professional advice for the couple as well. “For ladies coming to Z Wedding, it is actually quite a good experience. There are many people who will help you out in the selection of the gown.” The selection process was a thoroughly enjoyable one for Phylis and our consultants are glad to share the same sentiments.

Brian was thankful for the advice that was given to him and his bride, especially so because of the bad experience they had before their arrival at Z Wedding. Previously, they were shooed out of a bridal shop with the consultants claiming that they did not have a suitable wedding gown for his bride because she was of a slightly broader build and they could not be bothered to serve them. This was unlike what he experienced at Z Wedding, where he was pleasantly surprised by the service they received. “Initially when we walked in to quite a renowned bridal studio in Singapore, we thought we might encounter the same thing. So when we walked in, we were really surprised with the kind of passion.” We are glad we were able to make up for their unpleasant shopping experience.

Phylis was initially very concerned if there were any wedding gown that would fit her nicely and that could make her a pretty bride. What made a great impression on her was how her gown consultant went straight ahead to pick out a few wedding gowns for her to try and fit, all without any prior discussion on wedding packages. Z Wedding understands that there is no point going on about any wedding package if the bride does not like any gowns in the first place. “That is how we feel the sincerity and how genuine he is”. The team’s effort to allow Phylis to try on the gowns and to prioritise her feelings before discussing anything else made her feel extremely satisfied.

Brian could feel the passion the team possesses in what they do as well. “You have not even signed the package, they go all out, they serve you, they give you opinions, they find what is suitable for you, which I think is a plus point because you are not even their customers yet and they serve you as if you are one of them”. Both Brian and Phylis agreed that they were treated like family here and it felt like they had brothers and sisters around them. What we do at Z Wedding is not to give you an obligation to work with us, but rather allow you to have a feel of what our studio’s work and spirit is about before getting you to make your own decision. We are a family that simply wants the best for every couple as well.