The Bridal Beauty — Conversations with Dr Georgia Lee

The Bridal Beauty — Conversations with Dr Georgia Lee

In the month of August as we celebrate the success of our country’s glorious 51 years of independence, Z Wedding joins in the joyous occasion and explores the true definition of bridal beauty. Supported by Chris Ling Intl’ Photographers & Amara Hotel Singapore, we bring you an exclusive collaboration with Dr Georgia Lee, celebrity and founder of high-end bespoke home-grown skincare brand, DrGL, where she shares her views on Bridal Beauty.

DrGL is a high-end bespoke skincare range catered to our market’s needs. Using only the best quality with no expense to cost, this luxurious range is customised to varying skin types with maximum efficacy. Who better to craft out an undeniably effective skin care then renowned Dr Georgia Lee.

We had a chance to sit down with her as she shares some of her personal nuggets of experience and wisdom.

Let’s start off with a self-introduction.
Tell us more about yourself and why you started on this journey as a dermatologist?
From the age of 9, I knew I wanted to be a medical doctor and studied very hard to achieve my goal. I find the experience of healing the vulnerable very humbling, especially seeing their metamorphosis. I would like to empower them to be a better versions of themselves. It is like marrying the aesthetic eye to artistic love.

Being in the industry for many years, what is your definition of beauty?
My definition of beauty is one’s original self with a problem-free complexion. Heal skin issues fast so that you can present your true beauty and go out confidently. It is alright to make improvements to slow down aging. In a sense, it is like putting volume back to where it has been lost, thus maintaining the original state.

Do share with us about your source of inspiration and how it has helped you in your journey thus far.
My sources of inspiration are patient. They give me the opportunity to learn and understand life. It it very humbling experience. Some are with me every step of the way; I see them grow from students to adults, thereafter getting married and having children. I even treat their children too. There is always something new to learn from different people.

How was your wedding day like? Was there any interesting memory you recall or would like to share with us?
I got married in Mauritius. I ended up doing my own makeup because the makeup artist was too busy with my long line of relatives. When I walked into the church, everyone said I looked very young because I had very light makeup!

Let’s talk a little more about beauty.
Could you share with us what your daily skincare routine is like?
I use the lightening cleanser to combat the aging effects of sunlight, then the oil control toner for my oily skin. I guess it’s somewhat a blessing to have oily skin as it cuts down on wrinkle formation. This is followed by my favourite lactic acid exfoliant on my face and hands. It exfoliates to remove clogged pores without drying up my skin so that I can do this on a daily basis. Finally, I apply sunblock on my face and body. I don’t apply powder or makeup so that my skin can breathe. At night, the process is repeated, minus the sunblock. I then use a makeup remover to remove the sunblock; this is a very important step that can’t be skipped.

We would like to know more about DrGL’s products. What is unique about DrGL’s products as compared to other skincare brands?
One word: Quality. The ingredients found in DrGL products are the best in the market and no costs and corners are cut. I only develop skincare that meets the market’s needs because I have hands on information on the skin problems people face. Therefore, I can customise skincare that feeds the gap in the market for products that one cannot buy off the shelf. I don’t create treatments for problems that don’t exist.

When it comes to getting one’s complexion ready for the big day, what are some of the important factors a bride should look out or be aware of?
Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your skin. Skincare discipline is very important and should be practiced not only for your wedding but also on a daily basis. I once had to tend to a bride who had an acne breakout three days before her wedding and it was very stressful for her. It is better take pre-emptive measures because you’ll need to understand treatment timelines. For example, acne problems might need to be treated three months before and some oral medication takes six weeks to be effective. Lastly, never take new medication just before your wedding because you’ll never know what can happen. Spend time to do a trial run first.

One simple beauty advice for all ladies to take away?
Always be disciplined to look after your skin on a daily basis! This way, you’ll be ready for any surprises or last minute plans. Don’t only take care of yourself for one event, but strive to look good all the time. When you’re young, you’d want to look good for yourself all the way to your wedding day. When you’re older and with family, remember not to neglect yourself as well. Your husband and children will beam with pride when they go out with you!

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We will be continuing on part 2 of the editorial next week where Joey will be on the hot seat sharing about some of her views on gown making and her thoughts about bridal beauty. Stay tuned to our editorials