The Wedding Sleeve Option Most Suited For You

The Wedding Sleeve Option Most Suited For You

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Every bride wishes to look picture perfect as she walks down the aisle on the day of her wedding. But finding an elegant wedding gown in Singapore that will flatter your figure and fit you perfectly isn’t easy. Thankfully, bridal gown rental services are available, where you can try on and rent your dream dress for as long as you need it.

Z Wedding’s gown consultants are equipped with professional knowledge on the right gown fit for different body types and will guide you through the selection process. After you’ve fixed an appointment and tried on some dresses before coming to a decision, the team of in-house seamstresses will alter the gown to custom fit your body. Not sure what would look good? Here are the types of wedding sleeves you should consider trying on:

Short-sleeved wedding dresses

Short-sleeved wedding dresses are an option for brides that want sufficient coverage for modesty’s sake while still retaining a classy, feminine look and feel. It also allows for more breathing room and better mobility, which is great since brides should be able to feel comfortable even as they are busy dancing, walking and rushing around during the big day.

While fluttery short sleeves can appear romantic and dreamy, cap sleeves that extend slightly past the shoulder before tapering off under the arm have been all the rage for quite some time now. When paired with a sheer illusion neckline in addition to detailed lace embellishments, it’s lovely for outdoor weddings as well as for the brides who intend on getting married in a tropical climate like Singapore.

Strapless wedding dresses

The most common style of wedding dress you’ll find in a boutique, it’s designed to fit snugly around the bust, helping brides achieve a chic, graceful appearance. While suitable for all body types, it may not be an ideal choice for those who wish to present a more modest appearance.

Despite this, strapless remains a common choice for glowing brides especially since it gives the illusion of a smaller frame. A loose hairstyle and jewelled necklace pairs perfectly for a breathtakingly gorgeous look.

Off The Shoulder wedding dresses

Aspiring for a more alluring and stylish look on your wedding day? An off the shoulder wedding dress is optimal. A modern take on the modest wedding dress, it features either sleeves or straps which begin just below the shoulder. For those with flawless skin, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to proudly showcase your delicate necks, collarbones and shoulders in a wedding dress and wow your significant other.

An off the shoulder dress drapes femininely off the sides and gives brides a dreamy, romantic feel when complemented with a simple up-do and a pair of statement earrings. If you love the idea of showing off your resplendent, glowing skin as you walk down the aisle—especially after all that hard work—make sure to check out off the shoulder wedding gown rental services available at our bridal boutique.

One-Shoulder wedding dresses

Brides seeking to walk the path less taken can opt for a unique asymmetrical look. One-shoulder wedding dresses are striking to the eye and adds a unique flair to your wedding look. The asymmetrical, diagonal neckline is flattering even on those with broader shoulders.

Paired with an elegant braided up-do, it makes for a clean, minimalistic look. For those who prefer something more ethereal, consider a one-shoulder wedding dress with delicate lace embroidery and a layered tulle bottom instead.