The Versatile Style and Appeal of Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns

The Versatile Style and Appeal of Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns

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There are endless choices for the modern bride. Contemporary wedding dresses such as Boho-inspired styles, mermaid dresses and dreamy summer wedding dresses inspire their own unique vibes for the bride.

However, nothing brings a more classic or timeless look as a long-sleeved wedding gown. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a long-sleeved gown for her royal wedding in 2012, sparking a surge in interest for this classically elegant style. Even in Singapore, bridal boutiques and wedding dress rental services have felt and catered for the increase in appreciation and demand for these classic wedding dresses and gowns.

Gracing a Royal Wedding should be the only reason you need to consider long-sleeved dresses. However, many are still sceptical about this regal dress. Today, we look at several styles of long sleeved wedding dresses to show off its versatility and appeal.

High-Necked, Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns

This is probably the image that pops into your mind when you hear long-sleeved wedding dress. Covered in lace and with a beautiful A-line silhouette, a high-necked wedding gown oozes nothing but a timeless elegance and sophistication. It is suitable for most body types with its thinner waistline, creating an elegant and beautiful silhouette for the bride. Its high neckline and classic design plenty of room for personalisation and accessories, to allow each bride’s individual image to shine the brightest.

An eternal favourite for brides because of its regal luxury, classic long sleeved wedding gowns with high necklines should always be a consideration when choosing a wedding dress or gown.

V-Neck Gown with Lace Sleeves

The exact style worn by Kate Middleton for the Royal Wedding, this style of wedding gown combines several elements for an eye-catching look. The V-neck allows the bride to look taller while also drawing more attention with a sexier edge to the wedding dress. Long sleeved wedding gowns have an undoubted air of classic elegance and luxury, and the V-neck complements that with a slight hint of boldness.

The V-neck and long sleeves will give you a more angular and classic silhouette without going overboard. Matte lace can also bring elaborate sophistication and prevent you from looking preposterous. This is a great choice for brides who desire a classic and regal gown with just the right splash of modernity.

Open Back with Long Sleeves

Who doesn’t love flaunting their beautiful back? Open-backed wedding dresses lean more towards a bold, sexy look, but one still maintains an air of elegance and luxury with the long sleeves. Incorporating extra transparent sections in the bodice and sleeves further ups the ante for a bride after a sexy wedding gown and image.

Many brides in Singapore shy away from long sleeved wedding dresses due to the heat and humidity. An open-backed wedding dress with long lace sleeves overcomes this non-issue,and is suitable for weddings held in even the most tropical of settings.

This was just a small sample of the endless types of long-sleeved wedding dresses. To experience this regal luxury and class of this timeless style, head to a bridal boutique or wedding dress rental services to try on