The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Beach Ceremony

The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Beach Ceremony

singapore mermaid wedding gown

It’s safe to say that most brides have dreamt of a grand ballroom wedding at least once in their life: adorned in the whitest of lacy ballroom wedding gowns and in the grandest ballroom with an impossibly high ceiling. But just like our careers and lives, dreams change.

More and more brides are straying away from this template. Beach weddings are becoming more popular in Singapore and across the world. Wedding dress designers have also responded, coming up with a variety of wedding dresses perfect for that sunny, breezy and serene beach wedding, available at an increasing number of bridal boutiques.

Here are some dresses perfect for a wedding at the beach.

A Mermaid Wedding Dress

Is there a more fitting dress for a wedding in front of the ocean than a mermaid dress? Sleek, sexy and in the image of some of our favourite folklore tales, mermaid wedding dresses and gowns are, quite possibly, the perfect fit for a beach wedding. Its figure hugging shape ensures you won’t have to worry about trains or dresses flailing about in the wind or sand reaching places it shouldn’t.

Instead of the stiff, structured mermaid dresses that many wear, crepe satin or softer materials will give your lower half more space and a much easier time as you move around. Sure, you might sacrifice a centimetre or two of your curves, but we think this trade-off is well worth it. Mermaid wedding dress rental in Singapore is increasingly common in bridal boutiques across the island.

A Short Wedding Dress

Showing any leg at all would probably haven been considered sacrilege just 60 years ago. But in the 21st century, brides and wedding dress designers are more willing to experiment with fashion forward looks. Short wedding dresses are more and more common at weddings, and short wedding dress rental in Singapore is also becoming more common.

Not all short wedding dresses are made equal, and you’ll have many to choose from at short wedding dress rentals in Singapore. Short wedding dresses generally fall between mid thigh and knee height, allowing brides to choose how much skin they want to bare. Apart from obviously keeping your dress and train sand-free, short wedding dresses are the perfect fit for the laid back, casual yet sexy atmosphere of a beach wedding.

Coloured Wedding Dresses

To many, holding a wedding away from grand ballrooms and hotels is close to blasphemy. You can take it one step further by avoiding the traditional white wedding dress and choose a coloured wedding dress. Bright, pastel colours blend in and work beautifully with the scenic setting of a beach wedding. Colours also add a fantastically modern and casual touch to bring any beach wedding to life.

You should restrict your choice of colour to lighter pastel colours. Just as you would for a dinner dress, darker hues scream formality, and would look and feel woefully out of place at a beach wedding. Baby blues, gentle pinks and champagne are great choices.