The Most Flattering Wedding Dress Necklines To Go For

The Most Flattering Wedding Dress Necklines To Go For

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Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just your body shape and silhouette that you have to consider when choosing the perfect bridal dress – necklines play an equally important role. If you get it right, it will flawlessly accentuate and highlight your best features, because we know every bride deserves to look nothing less than the best.

Halter Neckline

Halter necklines work best on taller brides with broad shoulders. Having straps that go round the back of the neck builds emphasis on your upper body, helping to give length to your figure and neck while narrowing the broadness of your shoulders. Similar like the traditional Cheongsam often seen in Singapore weddings, higher necklines often give off an air of indescribable glamour and halter necklines are no different. Even if you are a petite bride, not to worry – halter necklines can also help to elongate your frame and takes away the need for over-accessorizing, simply pair your gown with an eye-catching pair of statement earrings and let the gown do the talking. A v-shaped halter neckline can also give the illusion of a curvier waist and give you that hour-glass figure that is often not seen with other sleeveless gowns – just the right amount of modesty and class.

Jewel Neckline

Otherwise known as the T-shirt neckline, the jewel neckline sits nicely at the base of the throat with a round curvature, pretty much like the typical t-shirt that you wear on a daily basis but not quite as dull. In fact, our A Wander In The Woods collection is a wonderful example of how the jewel neckline can be embellished with lace for a more sophisticated and alluring look. Since this neckline is designed to make your look bustier, we would recommend trying out the dress first in order to avoid looking boxy. However, the jewel neckline is still an overall great choice showcasing simplicity at its finest, and proving that you don’t need to reveal much in order to exude sexy elegance.

Illusion Neckline

Illusion necklines have always been a crowd favourite due to its unbeatable charm and timeless grandeur that anyone can pull off. What makes them so special? Featuring sheer fabric or lace along the top part of the bodice to draw the eyes to the neck and décolletage area for an ethereal and feminine effect. Our Aphrodite collection showcases how illusion necklines can come in the form of a long-sleeve wedding dress or off-shoulder dress, even going as far as to combine two styles together in order to turn a simple dress into a detailed masterpiece. If your wedding is held in a tropical climate such as Singapore, this neckline is how to add detail without all that extra weight.

Toga Neckline

For the offbeat, modern bride who loves to stand out from the crowd, the toga neckline never fails to impress with its Grecian goddess vibes that bring out your face and distinct collarbones. With a sleeve resting over either your left or right shoulder, toga necklines look gorgeous on the well-endowed bride with a pear-shaped silhouette, it’s asymmetrical nature putting the spotlight on the chest area and collarbones in all the right ways. If you love going bold with your accessories, have fun and go for this neckline as an elegant evening dress – simply put your hair up in a side-swept bun or fishtail braid and you are pretty much good to go.

The trick is to know and understand your body’s best features, and consider the same factors used to purchase your favourite clothing pieces. Find one or two necklines that you would like to work with and inform your bridal boutique immediately – at Z Wedding, our specialists will then collaborate closely with you to ultimately pick out the wedding dress of your dreams.