“The confidence that they have given”

“The confidence that they have given”

Z Wedding was one of the choices that Wei Sheng and Jaslyn took a liking to as they did their research and ultimately collaborated with our bridal boutique after viewing the beautiful wedding dress and wedding photos that were presented to them. Jaslyn shared that “from the first time we signed the package until today, it was a very amazing journey”, and it definitely was a wonderful experience for us as well.

Wei Sheng was very happy to know that his bridal team was extremely confident in what they did. “The confidence that they have given us is like, I have never felt this experience elsewhere”. Be it for choosing the wedding and evening dress, the wedding photo shoot or the customer service provided by our team, everything was handled with confidence that came from the experience our team has garnered over the years in this industry.

The couple had absolute faith in their photographer and were delighted that the wedding photos they took in Paris turned out very nicely. They were pleased to receive positive feedback from their guests and were provided recommendations readily of Z Wedding bridal boutique and Chris Ling International Photographers to their friends and family as well.

When it came to the selection of gowns, Jaslyn felt that her gown consultant was very attentive and had a keen eye for choosing a wedding gown that she would like. “She knows what I need. The trying of gowns (was) not that long because I think I tried on less than 10 then I immediately chose, be it to Paris for the pre wedding shoot or the actual day”. She was equally happy with her makeup artist who was able to make her look like a princess and a star without applying makeup that was too heavy on her.

Wei Sheng explained why he decided to choose Z Wedding as their bridal boutique. “This is a once in a lifetime event. I love my wife, I will choose the best bridal boutique for her in Singapore because she deserves it”. He believed that if he were to choose someone who is not that good or competent, their whole wedding preparation process would be a disaster and they would not have been able to retake it. We understand the worries every couple will have about their choice of bridal boutique and are very confident in dissolving these worries.

Wei Sheng was also very impressed by how their one and only Chris Ling photographer at their wedding was able to complete the photo taking of the couple with 74 guest tables within an hour. They were pleasantly surprised and grateful for their photographer’s work, which included the express highlight that received many praises from their guests as well. After the couple’s whole journey with Z Wedding and Chris Ling, we are very glad to hear that they are very pleased with our work. Our experienced team is able to handle any challenges and make the best out of what we have. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.