“It’s something that we never knew that was actually going to be that good”

“It’s something that we never knew that was actually going to be that good”

The works of Chris Ling International Photographers was what first convinced Josephine to engage Z Wedding as her bridal boutique for her wedding. The groom, Kenny, was also pleased with this decision as he was very impressed by the team he got to work with during their experience here. “When I observed, I think they did a very good job in helping us. I think they made the whole process very easy for us and very fun”. He thought that the whole process made he and his bride feel very appreciated and well taken care of.

The couple was very pleased with their outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot team as well. Josephine recounted how “they were very professional and stayed with (them) throughout and helped (them) touch up their makeup”. She was very thankful for their photographer’s efforts to keep them going and for giving his best, sometimes even lying on the floor to get good shots. Kenny agreed with her sentiments, sharing that he could feel the whole effort coming from the team as they patiently beared with all the props they brought all day long. “Both of us had a very good time and experience with Z Wedding and also the outcome of the photos, it was great, it looks very good”.

The couple had a hard time choosing their wedding photos in the end because they loved everything they received. They were very happy with the professional help they got from their photo consultant. “She was very patient with us and really helped us along, so we are very happy to have her as our consultant”. When it came to Josephine’s make up, she was very contented with the makeup her artiste had put on for her. The bride had a good experience with her gown consultant as well whom she described as having initiative and a great eye for what will fit her likings. She ended up choosing the first gown her consultant brought her as her actual day wedding gown!

The groom expressed his thanks to their gown consultant as well for being so patient with them, especially for himself who is very picky with his clothing. He admitted that while Z Wedding may not be the cheapest boutique in town, the experience they received for the price they paid for was something beyond what they expected. “It is something that we never knew that it (was) actually going to be that good”. He experienced for himself the reason why people will choose Z Wedding as the go-to bridal boutique for wedding gowns and photo shoots. “Rest assured if anyone of you guys were to choose Z Wedding, I think you guys are in good hands. The whole team itself they are professional, very fun to work with and very patient as well with their client”.

Josephine advices future couples to look at the bigger picture and make a good investment into this once in a lifetime experience if you want beautiful memories you can create and remember. “Z Wedding is an experience for us because the process and the people who served us and helped us through is more than what we paid for, so do consider Z Wedding”. We are delighted to have this lovely couple advocate for our boutique. Just as we created beautiful memories for Kenny and Josephine, we will dedicate our time, effort and expertise into creating a brilliant memory for you to hold on to as part of your wedding journey. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.