6 Tips to Help You Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

6 Tips to Help You Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

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The thought of your upcoming wedding may send jitters through your body and this is perfectly normal. It is your wedding after all, one of the biggest celebration that you will hold in your lifetime. To a bride, the most important aspect of a wedding is often the beautiful wedding gown that they will don. You will be the focal point, and all eyes will be on you.

Getting it right with your dress will set the stage for your wedding. You desire to walk down the aisle with grace just as you had seen my brides have done. Achieving your dream is possible if you put the effort in searching for the right outfit.

There are various bridal boutiques in Singapore where you can window-shop and rent your wedding dress. Whichever your approach is, the focus should be to look glamorous on your wedding day. If you are not sure where to start, the following tips will help you choose your dream wedding dress.

Work with a realistic budget

Once you start shopping for your dress, you realize that they vary in price, design, and style. Narrow down your search by working with a budget. Restrain your expenditure and work with a budget within your means. We may all wish to wear a brand new gown on the wedding day. However, if the cost is not within reach, consider available alternatives. Many bridal shops in Singapore offer absolutely stunning wedding dresses that are available for rent. You will be spoilt for choice!

Test your dress

Once you settle on the ideal dress, try it on and find out how comfortable you feel in it. Adjusting it to fit you correctly will be crucial. You can entrust this task to the professional in the bridal boutique to help you with it. Check the length, ensure you can comfortably walk and dance in it on your big day.

Go for comfort

Many brides may overlook comfort and go for elegance and style. It is fine to choose a stylish gown but do not compromise your comfort. If you are conservative, choose a gown that you will be comfortable wearing in public. You do not wish to keep pulling it up to cover your bust or your bare back during the ceremony.

Understand what you want

Before you set foot in any bridal shop, understand your needs. Do not allow the shop attendants to run the show for you. They may end up distorting the image you had for your ideal gown. Search the internet for the wedding gown you would wish to purchase while considering your body shape and budget. That way, when you step into a wedding shop, you have a vivid image of the kind of dress you want. You can even download pictures and take them to the shop attendant. It will make it easier for you and the attendant to find the right dress for you.

Understand some of the terminologies

Once you start planning your wedding, you will realize that you have limited knowledge as far as colors are concerned. The color chart you learned in school will not be of much help. The shop attendants will talk about some shades of colors you never knew existed. Therefore, before you go out shopping, research on different wedding dresses and their colors. You can even select a color shade that will suit you. Take time to understand different designs and designers around the world and choose one that will compliment your figure.


When renting wedding gowns, think about all the accessories. Consider your veil, jewelry, clutch bag among others. You can, therefore, try your gown and accessorize it right at the bridal boutique to see whether they complement your dress.
Consider these tips and make your search for the ideal wedding gown possible. Plan to shop in time to avoid shopping under pressure. Enjoy your pre-wedding shopping!