Singapore’s only Grand March-in workshop by Z Wedding

Singapore’s only Grand March-in workshop by Z Wedding

As one of the most popular bridal gown studios in Singapore, Z Wedding offers an incredible experience to soon-to-be married couples on their big day. By combining our experience and eye for design, Z Wedding provides a range of services for the perfect wedding. With a selection of the most beautifully designed gowns, our professional and talented team will work hard to find the right fit and style for your matrimonial ceremony.

Z Wedding also has a team of in-house designers who produce exclusive evening and bridal gown designs, to provide a wider range of options for the couple. In collaboration with Chris Ling International Photographers, every blissful moment of the wedding will be captured beautifully by experienced and professional hands for the couple to reminisce fondly. Couples can rely on Z Wedding as we share our expertise and lend support to our couples because they deserve nothing less for the most memorable event of their lives.

At Z Wedding, not only do we offer an array of wedding gowns and professional advice, but we also share our professional knowledge to the wedding couple. The Grand March-in workshop is the only class in Singapore that teaches the newlyweds on the march-in.

The grand entrance is one of the biggest moments of the wedding celebration. It is a pivotal moment where the bride and groom will be introduced to the guests and walk down the aisle hand in hand. With the ideal processional song to add a personal touch to the ceremony, it will be a walk to remember. All eyes will be on the newlyweds hence it is essential for the couple to learn how to present themselves with a show of confidence and wear a smile for everyone watching. Nowadays, it is expected that guests will also be taking photos and videos of the wedding couple to upload to their social media. Due to this social media exposure, it is even more crucial that the couple know how to portray themselves in a presentable manner.

Many might assume it to be a simple task derived from common sense, but there is a need to learn and practice. We believe that a good-looking couple should not only dress well but also know how to carry it with style. With our workshop, couples can expect to avoid common errors and learn tips like having proper posture while going down the aisle. An opportunity will also be presented for couples to practice live where they can walk down the aisle and correct any mistakes so they can have a smooth march-in process during the actual wedding day. Being well prepared and equipped with our professional knowledge can ensure couples will be able to present the best of themselves on their wedding day. They can also gain more awareness on their body language and know how to walk hand in hand properly, to suit the formal occasion. For the bride, it is also useful to ensure the wedding heels fit perfectly and practice walking in them to improve her walk.

There are also other key highlights of the wedding ceremony that will be covered in the workshop, such as knowing the right way to hold the bouquet, pouring of champagne, cake cutting, and going up the stage. The cost to join our march-in class is S$1500 for 2 hours per couple, but it will be value added to our own couples at Z Wedding. We believe the bride and groom should be portrayed beautifully during all aspects of the wedding. Pairing your perfect wedding attire with a captivating march-in will be an unforgettable moment of the night. The Grand March-in workshop conducted by Z Wedding would be an insightful class for soon-to-wed couples to attend.