Short Guide to Renting Your Ideal Wedding Evening Gown

Short Guide to Renting Your Ideal Wedding Evening Gown

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It is the dream of every lady to have a perfect wedding wearing their desire wedding gowns. However, when planning for a wedding, the possible price or amount of budget needed can make you have second thoughts on your options. The cost of new evening gowns is high and if you are going to be practical, it is best to rent evening gowns.

There are great options for evening gown rentals in Singapore where you can shop for the best and perfect evening gowns for you! Not every bride would consider renting evening gowns, but if you are trying to cut your budget and would like something beautiful and comfortable, then it could be a good option for you. If you are new to this, here are some details to keep in mind.

The Size and Cuts

If you are of the average size, there is a chance to easily find an evening gown to fit you. However, if you are petite, plus size or have a unique body shape, you have to look for rentals that can accommodate to your needs. Some boutiques will not allow alterations with their evening gowns while some are willing to make adjustments for you. Express your concern from the start and listen to what solution the studio has to propose for you.

The Colours

There are different colours that you can find on the rack, but you may consider many things before picking one. You must check if it can complement your skin and if it is ideal for your needs. Fair and dark complexions both have different colours that will go with them. Seek the advice of your gown consultant and try on the colours for yourself! In some traditions, there are some colours that are considered a big no-no for a wedding. For example, dark colours like black or dark grey are considered inauspicious for Chinese weddings. Always make sure you are comfortable with the colour of your dress before renting it.

Checking Out Bridal Shops Online

The internet is often the first place a couple will look at when searching for a gown rental. Check out the bridal boutiques online and have a rough idea of what their boutique offers. You can check out their sample wedding photos and customer reviews before shortlisting a few of your preferred choices. Of course, the most important details will be discussed with you when you approach the physical boutique, so be sure to head down to the shortlisted bridal shops and hear for yourself what they have to offer!

Checking Your Wedding Gowns

Most bridal shops will handle the cleaning of the evening gowns before they deliver it to you, but you should still check with them beforehand. Ideally, you should try them on immediately when it is delivered to you to ensure that everything is according to your requirements. Do not leave yourself panicking on your wedding day when you realize there is something wrong with the dress!