“The shoot was very fun, very relaxed”

“The shoot was very fun, very relaxed”

From their first visit, Kian Wei and Shiru knew that they would be able to receive top-notch services from Z wedding and Chris Ling Intl Photographers. “The very first visit hinted to us that this bridal studio was one that was very professional. They were very into client service, and we felt very at ease with the consultant that was allocated to us.” We pride ourselves in servicing others to the best of our abilities with the expertise each of us own.

Shiru reminisced that the wedding gown selection took a great amount of time, but she was very thankful to have her gown consultant to guide her along patiently with no questions asked. “She was very, very patient”, whichever gowns she wanted to try, the gown consultant went ahead to take it for her regardless of the number of gowns she requested. Kian Wei appreciated her inputs and honesty in the process of the gown selection. Be it with regards to his wife’s body shape, height or skin tone, their gown consultant was very candid with the gown choices that would suit his wife and that helped them select wedding gowns that the couple loved.

Our in-house photo studio greatly roused the couple’s interest and they were extremely impressed with the different layouts and designs they saw. The props and arrangements were not the only things that impressed them. Their photographer also encouraged the couple to bring their own props to make the whole experience personalised. The result? A load of photos that they loved and that were very close to their hearts. “The shoot was very fun, very relaxed.” The couple commented that the enjoyable session was owing to their photographer’s ability to make things light hearted, connect with them and make them laugh.

Shiru was, no doubt, deeply pleased by her makeup artist’s skills. She loved it so much that she insisted on having their actual wedding timing adjusted to suit her makeup artist’s schedule. We are extremely thankful to Shiru for going the distance to show her appreciation for our team’s skills. Their make up artist provided a very enjoyable experience for them, “She loved the tone and the outcome of the makeup. He really made us very comfortable and the interaction was good.” Her makeup artist made a point to ask for their opinions after each set of makeup and took photos for them to ensure their satisfaction as well.

Kian Wei and Shiru were extremely satisfied with how the photo album was structured and strung into a beautiful story. They wanted more than just a photo album and they were presented with a storyboard that portrayed their story excellently. “The outcome was something that was very personal,” Kian Wei and Shiru enjoyed the overall experience that was kept close to their heart. At Z Wedding, we are one big family. With our best efforts, we will make your experience here a magical one!