“Service was perfect, overall was fantastic”

“Service was perfect, overall was fantastic”

When Dennis’s sister recommended Z Wedding to Benny and Dennis, they were initially sceptical about her words. However, once they arrived at Z Wedding, things were different.

They were able to witness for themselves what turned her sister into an advocate for Z Wedding. “Service was perfect, everything overall was fantastic…” Benny enjoyed the heartwarming atmosphere where everyone worked as a family and treated him and his bride like their family too. Their first experience at Z Wedding proceeded very smoothly and nicely, prompting them to engage Z Wedding as their bridal boutique.

As for Dennis, she loved that the wedding gowns at Z Wedding carried little details that attracted her. She was very happy with the makeup that was done for her by our makeup artist as well.

Together, the couple had a wonderful experience during their pre wedding photoshoot. Benny and Dennis had brought two of their lovely dog companions along for the shoot and were very thankful for the patience that Chris Ling photography team had given them. Benny shared that “they actually helped us to take care of our dogs for us which is something I really appreciate”. In the end, the outcome was a wonderful one for the couple. They were very contented with the final photos that were shot and edited much to their liking. They were glad that the finalized photos did not end up looking fake and unnatural after the amendments were done to the shots.

Benny expressed his understanding of how wedding preparations can be a big headache as there are so many things to plan. “One of the headache part is picking the bridal shop, how to get things done, but this is something (that) Z Wedding did a very good job (with)”. He recounts how the consultants at Z Wedding will call them and remind them of the important dates and timings. “I think it’s an excellent service they provide because I believe not all consultants will keep calling you to advise the dates, which I think they have really done a good job on that, so thank you to the consultants”.

Benny even shared that if he had to choose again (hopefully not!), he would still go for Z Wedding. “I already told Z Wedding my family photos with my babies will be at Z Wedding because they did an excellent job”. We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence he and his bride have in our team here at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers. Benny wants to relay the message that “the experience down here is fantastic, you don’t have to be worried about (anything at the) backend or things (that have) not been done”. He reassures that our team will give you a peaceful mind so that you can place your focus on the other aspects of your wedding.

We take every couples’ bridal journey with us seriously and we know how to have fun while we are at it. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.