“The photography was one of the main attractions for us,” noted the couple, Daniel and Doreen who liked the style of pictures they had seen. The couple had signed before Z Wedding moved out to a bigger studio. Because the studio got bigger, it got more grand. As a result, the couple felt that they made the right choice, that they went off to a good start.

Daniel and Doreen were very excited for the pre-wedding photo shoot. To them, they had thought that Z Wedding were really good at candid shots, yet they had been wondering all the time how? How did Z Wedding manage to take such photos of brides and grooms posing and everything? It was therefore a very interesting experience for the couple. At the end of the day, Daniel and Doreen found out that the trick was that the photographers of the bridal studio were simply really funny. The photographer was able to guide them in a way that both of them looked like they were just like having fun, when in actuality, they were talking about funny stuff and laughing at the jokes of the photographer. Before Daniel and Doreen realized it, the photos just came out really well. Daniel felt that their photographer was very funny and very good. When Daniel and Doreen came back at the end of the day and saw the whole photo album, they were like, “Wah it’s really not bad yah”. They were very surprised at how they laughed so much and how the photos still turned out to be so good.

At gown selection, the couple had a headache because there were just too many. In fact, one of the flower girls really loved the wedding dress that she literally could not lift her hands off the dress. It made Doreen look and feel like a princess. Likewise, the makeup artists had very commendable skills. From doing up the hair for the bride on the actual wedding day, to the hairdo and makeup for the pre-wedding photo shoot, the makeup artists did really good jobs. They even helped the couple to move the gowns and everything, and always gave them tissues to wipe. “Service is really top class.”

The boutique’s advisor advised them on the shots for the photo shoot from the start to the end. With such a smooth process, the couple felt Z Wedding was indeed worth the price. Their gown consultant was also very professional, constantly giving Doreen dresses in new, different styles to try. Although selections took way longer than expected, she was very patient and provided insightful tips on choosing gowns. Doreen was very happy with her gown. It made her feel good about herself on the actual day.

All in all, Daniel and Doreen felt very pleased with the service by Chris Ling and Z Wedding. The couple strongly encourage other people to come down and visit the bridal boutique for themselves. Especially when Z Wedding offers plenty of free workshops that are helmed and facilitated by Chris Ling himself. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.