Selecting Wedding Gowns for Different Body Types

Selecting Wedding Gowns for Different Body Types

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There are lots of beautiful ready-made wedding gowns that you can choose from, the may be sewn, stitched and embroidered by bridal shops, either for rentals or for purchase. Z Wedding Bridal boutique in Singapore has been in the industry for years and we bring to you elaborate and modern designs that are designed to suit your bridal needs. Regardless of your body type, there will always be a gorgeous gown that will fit every bride and bring out the confidence and feminineness in you.

The key to an attention grabbing, head turning and memorable wedding is finding a wedding gown that is perfect for your build. There are beautiful, elegant, chic and stylish wedding gowns that may look pretty to the eye but end up looking less appealing when worn, simply because different cuts of clothes, dresses, and gowns are best suited for certain body types. Before you choose the wedding gown you desire, get to know what your body’s build is with the help of our gown consultants. From there, you can try on designs and styles that are better suited for you. Explore your options with your gown consultant and pick the gown that exudes your paramount beauty! Here is a short guide of wedding gown styles that are suited for different body types:

Stunningly Slim

Slim body type is the easiest to dress-up with. The best two wedding gown designs that are suitable to this body type are Mermaid and Trumphet designs like the gowns in our Garden of Eden and Le Romantics wedding gown collections. These gorgeous white gowns in Mermaid or Trumphet designs will help give emphasis on the shape of your body and exude elements of classiness.

Curvy Rounded

The goal is to place emphasis on the upper part of the body and bring more attention to the bride’s face. An off shoulder on a corset design style or a dropped-waist style will put emphasis on the upper body of the bride. A gown with a ball gown silhouette like our Origami gowns or the ones in our Venus collection are designed to accentuate a lady’s curves and flatter the bride’s figure. The full skirt of the gown will provide a balance in body frame while providing sophistication to the overall look.

Cute Petite

The petite body type has an advantage – you get to choose between looking simply adorable or stunningly gorgeous! For most brides of this build, the goal is to create an illusion of greater height. These two wedding gown designs, column and A-line, are the best in creating this illusion. Explore gowns of this cut in our Desire collection or try on some of the gowns from A Wander in Woods to find out how these gown designs will flatter your petite build.

Amazingly Tall

This is the easiest and challenge-free type of body for a gown fitting. Blessed with a natural height, all styles and designs of gowns will look stunning on you! From a simple A-line gown to ball gowns, you will look astonishingly beautiful. An option you can explore is to put on a bare back wedding gown, which will accentuate the body figure of a tall bride while exuding a vibe of sexiness as well. A bare back gown with a hue of pink from the Le Cirque collection or a bold yellow gown from the Athena collection will be perfect for you.

Wedding gowns do not need to be extravagantly luxurious to be perfectly worthy in the eyes of your own or your man. Simply pick a wedding gown suitable for your body type and you are set for a night of confident struts. If you feel overwhelmed by the selection, let our gown consultants guide you along in selecting the perfect wedding gown on your picture perfect moments that will make immeasurable memories with your family and friends.
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