“When we saw it, it looked like a fairytale”

“When we saw it, it looked like a fairytale”

After getting to know about us through a friend, Mak and Veron popped into Z Wedding to find out more about our bridal boutique, where they eventually joined the family. Prior to Z Wedding, the couple had gone to other bridal boutiques for their bridal shopping but were quickly put off by the hard selling they experienced, something they know most couples are opposed to. “I think this is the service (they) provide and on the customers’ end, it’s what we are looking for. If it is a good match, I think why not?” Veron liked how things at Z Wedding flowed naturally and was very happy that they could make their decision comfortably.

She was very pleased with how the our team at Z Wedding went through everything with them; from trying to understand what the couple was looking for to informing them what are the cost they should take note of. “At the end of the day, the choice is pretty much ours, so I think we felt comfortable with the outcome as well as the service provided.” Mak agrees with his fiancée that the pace of their discussion with our team was very good. “We are very happy with the level of salesmanship exhibited here.” He, just as his fiancée was, irritated by the hard tactics he experienced prior to his engagement with Z Wedding.

Veron expressed her gratitude for her gown consultant’s patience and accommodation to her preference. “I mean all of us are different, (like) some of our comfort levels, she tried to keep very much to my own preference. I think i am very thankful for that”. Mak was delighted to see his wife in such a pretty wedding dress up. “It was a treat to actually see her so beautiful.”

The couple’s consultant followed them to their pre wedding shoot as well and this made the process an easier and more enjoyable one for Mak and Veron, who were panicky about their first pre wedding photoshoot. They were very grateful for her help in taking care of all the administrative work which allowed them to focus on taking great photos for their wedding album. Mak was very satisfied with his experience, “We ended off the day in a very good note, happy and we were both very positive about our pre wedding photoshoot”.

Veron shared that they were happy with how their photos turned out and were simply spoilt for choices. What impressed her was how the Chris Ling International Photographers team created a story out of the photos they had taken. They were surprised because in the process of the photoshoot, they only thought that they were simply smiling and taking nice shots. However, it turned out that their photographer had a concept in mind for them. “When we saw it, it looked like a fairytale”. As someone who has gone through the whole process, Veron shares that if you are looking for a balance between output, quality and price point, Z Wedding and Chris Ling is a place you should strongly consider. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.