“I saw the gown and then that’s it, it’s an absolute”

“I saw the gown and then that’s it, it’s an absolute”

Years before Joycelyn was going to get married, she already had her eyes locked on Z Wedding. She first got to know of Z Wedding at her friend’s wedding where she saw our makeup artist doing makeup for her friend. She was so impressed by his work that she still remembers him till today and decided to engage him and Z Wedding for her very own wedding. The gowns she saw at the wedding boutique reaffirmed her decision. “I saw the gown and then that’s it, it’s an absolute.” She made up her mind on the spot. Joycelyn liked that the designs of the wedding gowns were not traditional or conventional. She found that the wedding gowns here were designed with many layering which she was very fond of and they were also fashioned with different fabrics that created unique wedding gowns.

Benjamin enjoyed the friendly environment they were enveloped in every time they stepped into the boutique. “I’m a bit shy but when I come, somehow they get me to open up, I don’t know how they do it.” He appreciated the smiles the staffs always wore on their faces and how he and his wife were always welcomed at the boutique. This created a very enjoyable experience for them each time they visited the boutique.

The couple was teeming with ideas for their pre wedding photoshoot and prepared a whole lot of props, enough to fill their whole car boot! They were very thankful that their photographer from Chris Ling International Photographers was very resourceful and accommodating to their ideas and wishes. He was able to work with all their props easily with no issue. Joycelyn shared her impression with us, “I must say that both of us, we are very shy. In fact, in our four and a half years of dating, we hardly took any photos, so for us to actually pose and take so many shots in a day, I think he is a good photographer.” The couple did not like taking photos but Benjamin was pleased with how the photographer managed to do it well regardless of that and provided an interesting experience for them.

Joycelyn could not stop singing praises about her makeup artist. She was a strong advocate for him and was very happy to share that she has believed in his skills throughout the years. “After so many years, I still remember him and I even took his phone number. I made sure when I got married I will track him down, and I did.” We are delighted to hear of such confidence and love she has for our team member!

The couple had a very positive experience here at Z Wedding and has even recommended their friends to our boutique. They loved the positive affirmation they received from their friends when she told them that she had signed on with Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers. “I was very assured that we made the right choice and had no regrets.” Like every couple, our team here at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers is ever ready to take on new ideas and challenges. We take it in our stride to produce something beautiful alongside every couple and help you leave with no regrets.