Reasons Why You Should Put on that Mini Bridal Gown

Reasons Why You Should Put on that Mini Bridal Gown

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It is time to ditch the traditional wedding gowns and jump out of your comfort zone by trying out something new! Traditional wedding dresses are classy and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to try something new and go out of the norm. You have to wear something that can help you feel and look your best! Here, we give you a few reasons why it is okay to ditch the traditional wedding gowns and opt for cute knee length wedding dresses instead.

Knee-length wedding dresses tend to be more comfortable

While traditional wedding gowns with a long train or floor length evening gowns look beautiful, they can sometimes get too overwhelming for some people. These gowns can make someone feel less comfortable because these gorgeous skirts carry a significant weight. In recent wedding trends, short wedding dresses like the bridal gowns from our Love & Finer Details collection started making their way as an alternative to traditional gowns. It is modern and is perfect if you want to bring on a different vibe to your wedding.

It helps your skin breathe

Short wedding dresses have the power to keep your skin feeling fresh by allowing air to circulate more freely beneath the skirt. The feeling of freshness can greatly increase your comfort and confidence. This is especially beneficial for outdoor wedding photoshoots where it can get very warm and humid.

You can display some skin while still looking fabulous

Short dresses are great if you want to exude a sexy aura. It helps create an alluring and clever appeal while still looking modest. It brings on a refreshing take on a traditional wedding set up and even allows you to do poses that you may not be able to do in long wedding gowns.

Short dresses can make a great fit on you

Short wedding dresses make a great fit for many body shapes, especially petite brides. The length of the dress allows you to show off your beautiful shoes and amazing legs. If you have a very small frame, a short bridal gown will help bring out your figure without drowning you in a big and heavy piece of gown. This cut is perfect for casual weddings or weddings on a yacht.

It is easier to carry around

If you are having your wedding or pre-wedding photography abroad, a short bridal guide will prove to be a great convenience to you. If you intend to bring more than a piece of wedding dress or evening gown overseas, it is a good idea to have at least one short bridal dress as they are much easier to pack and bring overseas.

Traditional wedding gowns are gorgeous pieces but short wedding dresses make for an exciting option as well. They are capable of making you look as amazing and brings on a refreshing look for your wedding.

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