Reasons Why You Need Layered Tulles On Your Evening Gown

Reasons Why You Need Layered Tulles On Your Evening Gown

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Nothing brings out the beauty and elegance of a woman than a floor length evening gown paired with the right accessories. Most people have only tried accessorizing their evening dresses by wearing earrings, rings, necklaces, or embellished belts to flatter the midsection of the body. However, very few people are willing to go a notch higher and bring their accessorizing game to the evening gown itself. This may include adding some beadwork on the front work, adding chiffon straps on a strapless dress, or including layered or tiered tulles on your evening gown. This is the magic we have done for our gowns in our Blossom Courtyard collection at Z Wedding that brings an abundance of feminine touches with its warm colours and layered tulles.

Tulle is a lightweight fabric that is commonly used in the veils, wedding gowns, ballet uniforms, or formal wear. The material is usually made of thin, soft, and delicate fibres that can either be synthetic acetate, nylon, and rayon or natural silk and cotton. The material can either drape smoothly or maintain some stiffness depending on the constituents of the material, but you will find fine tulle in most evening dresses. Here’s why you should put on an evening gown with layered tulles yourself.

Layered Tulles Add Volume to Your Figure

This is the main reason why most women with a slim fit would consider including tulles on their evening gowns. Most evening dress will leave you looking leaner since they are long and straight. Therefore, it would be ideal if you added a little taste to your style by adding several layers of tulle under the fabric to give it a puff. This would look even more elegant and stylish when worn to a wedding evening party or gala dinner.

Tulle brings out all the Feminine Aspects of a Woman

Including layered tulles on evening gowns will have you glowing all night long. Layered tulles help accentuate all the feminine features in your body without giving a dramatic outcome. It creates a unique visual that is pleasing to the eyes and yet, not over the top. Our Blossom Courtyard gowns add on to the touch of feminineness with their warm blush tones that promises to make a bride look their best.

It Showcases Your Sense of Style

Most people are usually shy away from trying out new things especially if they are not common in the fashion world. However, you will be delighted at the response you receive from after wearing a dress with layered tulles to an evening wedding party. It reveals the confident side of you and expresses your readiness to explore various possibilities of life. This kind of a dress will be a perfect fit for an evening event where the hosts have encouraged the guests to look creative with their dressing.

Tulle fabric comes in different transparent colours. Therefore, you will always have a perfect match for any evening dress colour. The fabric drapes well and does not have too much body, so you do not have to worry about looking overly dramatic after including several layers of tulles underneath or on top of the fabric.

If you are looking for an evening piece that will give you a dazzling presence at your dinner, explore your options with our gowns at Z Wedding and be ready to bring the elegance and sweetness out of you. To view more gowns by our wedding boutique or have your questions answered, simply contact us at 6337 2678 for more information.